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I'm Not Crazy!

....and if you're ready to disagree, keep your pie-hole shut. And I mean that in the nicest way.  :) At my swim session last night I had 3x300's.  I decided that for my head, I needed to go all out on them to see what my time was.  I have to know for sure that 8:26 is not right!  Now the pool is 300 yards, vs. 300 meters, so it's a little shorter.  I also wasn't fully recovered from race day (this was supposed to be a recovery swim) and did a 1,000 yd warm-up first.  My swim was also at the end of a the day.  Still, though, I figured even if I came out longer I would still know what I was capable of! I just had to know if I was crazy about this time difference! So after 1,000 yd warm-up I was supposed to do my 1st 300 and the last two should have been the same or faster than the first.  My hams were pretty tore up from the day before but I managed a 6:42, 6:54 7:02 for my 300's.  Even adding 30 seconds for the distance difference between meters and yards, a

Y Freedom Race Report

Swim 300m:  8:26.2  (being disputed... read below - closer to 6:40 something) T1 1:47.3 Bike:  36:48.5 Avg. Speed:  19.6 T2:  2:21.2 Run:  47:48.5 - 15:56 pace Total 1:37:11.8 12th of 20 in Athena Category This is my second year for Y Freedom. I love that it's so close to home. This was one of E's races, because she loved the pool swim!  This year her Son, Austin, decided to do the tri in honor of his Mom and 2 of his friends did it as well.  Everyone finished -- it was great!!! I got about 6 hours of sleep the night before. I wasn't worried about the race. I was just busy! Cass' recital was this past weekend too, and I had so much to get ready for, that I couldn't get to be timely. I got up had my cup of coffee and 1/2 of an Ezekiel muffin with Almond butter. Waited for the coffee to prompt my morning "routine", but it never did!?!  I know... more than you need to know, but these are important things that need to happen pre-race! I got t

Something to Try (not tri!)

Rosemary Sage Burgers

This Week

Man, where did the last month go?  Seems like it was June 1st just yesterday!!! This week was a great week of training for me and I'm starting to feel better about it.  Track was challenging and tough, but I did it and felt so much better after.  My legs were tired for a couple days after, but it's all good.  Apparently it was the 6 minute mile pace I ran for 36 seconds that did me in.  :)  Today is a rest day and I have a 30 minute run tomorrow, then I race on Sunday. Sunday's race will be bittersweet, I'm sure.  Elysha won't be there, but her Son will be doing his first tri in honor of her.  He is sooooo much like her when it comes to doing new, fun things.  Doug, E's Husband, will be there too, supporting as always! True to my form these days my scheduling woes and forgetfulness continue.  I thought Cass' recital was Saturday, but no.  It's Sunday.  The same day of the race.  So, if prepping for Race day isn't enough, I have to prep for the

Friday Filli we go! 1. On vacation, I like to do things I've never tried and see places I've never been. 2. So much oil in the ocean.  *sigh* 3. One of my favorite vacation spots is Italy; it is the best vacation I've had... ever! 4. Cassie loves a full moon.  (she gets all excited and has to point it out!) 5. Up, up and away negative thoughts from my brain! 6. Bananas are chock-full of Potassium; don't fear the Banana. 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to doing "nothing" ;-) , tomorrow my plans include getting chores done* and Sunday, I want to enjoy Cass-a-frass' recital and have a great race in memory of Elysha! *See?  Wouldn't you rather see me biking for 4 hours???

So true!

"It's a very funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."

Fox Announcement of IMTX

Crazy Brick Weekend

Well, we survived anothe crazy challenge.  This weekend it was a brick.  45 minute run, 2 1/2 hour bike and 30 minute run.  I'm glad that it felt as good (not perfect) as it did.  It did a lot for my confidence. I made a few mistakes, prep-wise -- but that's what this is about; learning. Got to bed pretty late the night before, so I took in as much sleep as possible.  I didn't get up early enough to eat any solid food before, or even in time enough to eat a power bar, so there was my first mistake. I was out the door with nothing more than a half cup of coffee and a 20 oz. bottle of of water with a Nuun (which worked decent for the run) My run was good, but slow of course. I'm not letting it bother me because it is what it is in this heat/humidity.  If I can hang through the Summer I'll be that much better come the Fall. Hopped on the bike armed with 3 bottles of Cytomax with a 1 T of whey protein each.  I left my fig newtons in the fridge (mistake number

Friday Fillins!

1.  I'm already at work (or should be) by 6:58. 2. It was the reason, of course, I cut swim to see Cass do Karate for the first time. 3. Trying to fix everyone else's problems is something I no longer feel the need to do. 4. I have another errand to run, then another, and another, another... errends are endless. 5. Stop watching TV pay attention and just go find it 6. What were once vices are always vices... though they're memeroies inside my head.   7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to training .  Tomorrow my plans include a crazy brick challenge and a kiddo's b'day party and Sunday, I want to get caught up on all things domestic!

On Step Closer - IM Texas!

Ironman Texas coming to The Woodlands in 2011 (6/17/2010) by Jon Walk, RTN correspondent After a presentation by The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau's Nick Wolda at Thursday's Board of Directors Workshop for The Woodlands Township, all that remains for the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas to become reality - after an additional presentation by Ironman's creator, the World Triathlon Corporation - next May is an affirmative vote at next Wednesday's Board of Directors Meeting. "The ultimate brand in the triathlon world internationally wants to call The Woodlands home for a brand new Texas event," Wolda told the nine-member Board yesterday. The 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run competition, which will be one of 23 qualifiers to the World Championships, held annually each October in Kona, Hawaii, is proposed to take place on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Assistant General Manager for Community Services John Powers said that competitors wo

Thursday 13 -- Awesomeness

Inspired by the release of the blog-gone-to-print "1000 Awesome Things" , here are just 13 points of awesomeness I personally love experiencing.  I started posting them on FB 1) The moment "it" clicks.  2) Forgetting you set the coffee-maker the night before and finding a fresh-brewed pot when you wake-up.  3) Remembering the good childhood memories more often than the bad 4) Getting the perfect position at bedtime with a cool pillow... then rolling over and finding it again! 5) Getting that A group boarding pass on Southwest. 6) The feeling inside as I drive to the airport when I'm going to pickup family. 7) That scared/fun feeling you get when going down the tallest water slide a Schlitterbahn... 8) Hearing a song on the radio and saying to myself, "I need to download that to my playlist", then actually remember to add it. 9) Going to the store and finding out what you planned to buy is on sale! 10) Inpromptu gatherings which turnout to

In My Noggin'

So where the heck am I in my head these days?  I'm not quite sure, but I am on the upswing. I know after Lonestar I was a little deflated, having the swim nix'd from the race.  I immediately signed-up for Redman, for my first half-ironman distance and that had me stoked.  Then, we all lost a beloved BFF.  Silverlake didn't pan out the way I hoped either -- I had an improved swim and bike over last year, but my run was way worse -- that f'd with my head.  All that said, I feel like my biking and swimming are doing fine, which is something positive.  Of course there's always room for improvement, but those disciplines aren't suffering like my running is. My coaches notice I'm not the same as I was over the Winter and they're trying help me find my way, so to speak.  It's no secret to I've had a string of mental/emotional challenges and I've just been trying to bring some consistency back into my training and get my head fully back into th

Almost forgot... but never unappreciated!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the kind notes and emails about Elysha's passing.  I'm always amazed by the depth of caring people I have never met in real life (well most of you) are willing to share.  Each one of you is truly a gift and remember, there was someting about you with which I felt a connection -- otherwise, I wouldn't follow you, so to speak. All I'm trying to say is, "thanks for caring." 

Friday Fill♥Ins

1 Finishing a tough workout feels great. 2. The solution is to let go of the pain AND allow for happienss . 3. It takes me no time at all to fall asleep. 4. How about dropping the temp in here, eh? 5. Deciding on a goal and moving forward with a plan to achieve it is something I highly recommend! 6. Imagine yourself doing all the things you ever dreamed of. 7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Cass-a-frass coming home tonight tomorrow my plans include a long bike ride with my new crank (not to be confused with my training buddy aka "Hombre") and Sunday, I want to make it through the Noon in June run!!!

Get it Together Already!

I'm slowly getting my head back in the game... everyday is a little better than the last.  :) Training has been really hard, which is ultimately good.  Swimming and biking have been good.  Running, however, has sucked.  I've had a milestone with swimming (nearly 2 miles in open water) which was pretty cool.  So I like to think about that.  Not super-fast, but an easy consistent pace -- it's endurance. Biking was going well too, even with some challenges.  I love my new Cobb V-flow Max saddle. I brought my bike into my LTBS (local tri bike shop) for a refit with the saddle, and as it turns out my crank was too long for me and my hips weren't open enough.  Ugh!  My last 50+ mile I was in misery the last 40 minutes, feeling like I'd been hiking in stilettos all day long; the balls of my feet were killing me!  Could be anything -- the crank, cleat placement.  In any case I got a new Ultegra 165mm crank (for my short legs) and I'm hoping it's the answer to 

ANYTHING is Possible...

Anything is possible, but you have to believe and you have to fight. Lance Armstrong

River Cities... Here I Come

2 totally new and unplanned events are now on my schedule: 1)  River Cities Triathlon in Bossier City.  This is supposed to be the oldest triathlon in the south.  It's a 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike and 5k run.  I'm excited for something new AND it's a road trip (Elysha would approve!)  -- I plan to race in her honor here and sport my pink tutu wrist band. :) This race also touts one of the best schwag bags -- for their 30th anniversary it's supposed to be valued at $250!  Also, Lance Armstrong raced this course... he holds the course record,  but if I can beat 1:07 I could take it from him.  Ummm yeah... completely unlikely.  LOL   2)   Katy Flatlands Ride -- this will be my first century ride!  Nothing special about this ride, except that it's fully supported so it's a good way to get my first Century in.  What will be truly telling of my performance on this ride is if there is any lunch left by the time I finish!  LOL I did manage to get a long run i