Crazy Brick Weekend

Well, we survived anothe crazy challenge.  This weekend it was a brick.  45 minute run, 2 1/2 hour bike and 30 minute run. 

I'm glad that it felt as good (not perfect) as it did.  It did a lot for my confidence.

I made a few mistakes, prep-wise -- but that's what this is about; learning.

Got to bed pretty late the night before, so I took in as much sleep as possible.  I didn't get up early enough to eat any solid food before, or even in time enough to eat a power bar, so there was my first mistake. I was out the door with nothing more than a half cup of coffee and a 20 oz. bottle of of water with a Nuun (which worked decent for the run)

My run was good, but slow of course. I'm not letting it bother me because it is what it is in this heat/humidity.  If I can hang through the Summer I'll be that much better come the Fall.

Hopped on the bike armed with 3 bottles of Cytomax with a 1 T of whey protein each.  I left my fig newtons in the fridge (mistake number 2), so that's all I had -- no solid food.  My ride was good.  I kept good speed and cadence.  Was easily able to keep up with one of the other folks that coaches with the same folks. That made me feel pretty good. :)

We made a wrong turn had to back track.  No big deal.  Then a road we usually take was completely closed.  We tried to find an alternate route, but the next road was completely torn up.  We were only out 1:07 at this point... needed to be out 1:15 before turning back.  We turned back anyway and with the tail win, made it back nearly 15 minutes faster than it took us to get out there!

At about  2 hours in though, I started to fade and my foot (again) started to ache.  I think it was a combination of things...

1)  Probably should have slowed down my effort to a speed I could more evenly keep. 
2)  Remembered my food/fuel
3)  Not go so hard for so long.
4)  Partially in my head... as I got closer to home and into the traffic, I just naturally slowed down; I still had to make up almost 30 minutes before I could stop!

Averaged about 16mph -- probably should have been closer to 17 to be representative of the majority of my ride, had I not made those few mistakes.

Of course for the second run it was hotter outside.  Legs were spent, but I made it through and that's all I can ask for right now!

3000 yds of swimming today.  :)


  1. Wow...just found your blog. Very inspiring. Amazing weight loss. Good luck on your Ironman journey.


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