Get it Together Already!

I'm slowly getting my head back in the game... everyday is a little better than the last.  :)

Training has been really hard, which is ultimately good.  Swimming and biking have been good.  Running, however, has sucked. 

I've had a milestone with swimming (nearly 2 miles in open water) which was pretty cool.  So I like to think about that.  Not super-fast, but an easy consistent pace -- it's endurance.

Biking was going well too, even with some challenges.  I love my new Cobb V-flow Max saddle. I brought my bike into my LTBS (local tri bike shop) for a refit with the saddle, and as it turns out my crank was too long for me and my hips weren't open enough.  Ugh!  My last 50+ mile I was in misery the last 40 minutes, feeling like I'd been hiking in stilettos all day long; the balls of my feet were killing me!  Could be anything -- the crank, cleat placement.  In any case I got a new Ultegra 165mm crank (for my short legs) and I'm hoping it's the answer to  my prayers!  I passed up a Dura-Ace Crankset deal on Ebay that went just $20+ bucks more than the Ultegra crank did... I only momentarily kicked myself until I remembered it's the same technology only like 200 grams is the difference.  

On my Running, my coaches are going to dial-back my running plan and change approach.  As soon as the heat took a turn to hotter coupled with a rough few weeks both mentally and physically, I just felt so fatigued.  Partially the heat, but I also think my hormonal imbalance with my thyroid and prolactin levels still has me all jacked up -- it's so hard to lose weight for me right now and that doesn't help my running effort in the least bit!

Speaking of the hormonal stuff, I saw the doctor yesterday and it's more of the same... take more blood, check the levels and see.  The good thing is, the Dostinex is not making me sick.  The only thing I notice is that the morning after I take it, I'm so groggy... takes me a real long time to get moving and feeling "normal". 

Boy, this post sounds like a downer. 

I'm getting a little nervous about Redman.  It's my running that has me so insecure. Just 15 weeks until Redman where I'll be running a half marathon AFTER a swim and bike!  I have to remember my only goals are to be physically and mentally prepared to endure and deal with whatever comes my way while finishing in less than 8 hours.  :)

Tomorrow is a long bike for me -- says 3 hours on the schedule, but will probably go 3:30 to get 56 miles in.  Sunday is the Noon in June run.  A half-marathon starting at Noon.  I won't be doing the full distance though -- I'm not exactly sure how far I'm going yet.

New car is great.  I'm enjoying the zoom-zoom :)


  1. I don't know how you do it.. a noon run in JUNE?! I need to get on my bike.. I'm starting to wonder if my bike is a little bit too big for me, so I might try to sell it and get a slightly smaller one. We will see what happens there! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Laurie, this noon run is really to build endurance, not speed. Should have seen last week's run. Two passes over the Baytown Fred Hartman bridge! That sucked!

    Bike comfort can make or break a riding habit, so if you're not comfortable it can only result in less riding! Unless you're stubborn like me, and ride an ill-fitting bike for a few years. :)

  3. wow! a half marathon run at NOON?! ugh!! I have been out of training following foot surgery. hopefully will get to start swimming again in a week or so. good for you for doing the 2 mile swim! that's awesome! I am thinking about getting a new seat for my new bike too. not too comfortable...


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