I'm Not Crazy!

....and if you're ready to disagree, keep your pie-hole shut. And I mean that in the nicest way.  :)

At my swim session last night I had 3x300's.  I decided that for my head, I needed to go all out on them to see what my time was.  I have to know for sure that 8:26 is not right! 

Now the pool is 300 yards, vs. 300 meters, so it's a little shorter.  I also wasn't fully recovered from race day (this was supposed to be a recovery swim) and did a 1,000 yd warm-up first.  My swim was also at the end of a the day.  Still, though, I figured even if I came out longer I would still know what I was capable of!

I just had to know if I was crazy about this time difference!

So after 1,000 yd warm-up I was supposed to do my 1st 300 and the last two should have been the same or faster than the first.  My hams were pretty tore up from the day before but I managed a 6:42, 6:54 7:02 for my 300's.  Even adding 30 seconds for the distance difference between meters and yards, and there is no way 8:26 was possible, unless I stopped pool-side for brunch and a pedicure. 

The timing folks have yet to email me back, but I'm okay with it.  :)


  1. Need picture of feet to confirm there has been no pedicure...lol

  2. Thanks you so much for your encouraging thoughts today!

    Have you heard from the timing
    Folks yet?


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