River Cities... Here I Come

2 totally new and unplanned events are now on my schedule:

1)  River Cities Triathlon in Bossier City.  This is supposed to be the oldest triathlon in the south.  It's a 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike and 5k run.  I'm excited for something new AND it's a road trip (Elysha would approve!)  -- I plan to race in her honor here and sport my pink tutu wrist band. :)

This race also touts one of the best schwag bags -- for their 30th anniversary it's supposed to be valued at $250!  Also, Lance Armstrong raced this course... he holds the course record,  but if I can beat 1:07 I could take it from him.  Ummm yeah... completely unlikely.  LOL
2)   Katy Flatlands Ride -- this will be my first century ride!  Nothing special about this ride, except that it's fully supported so it's a good way to get my first Century in.  What will be truly telling of my performance on this ride is if there is any lunch left by the time I finish!  LOL

I did manage to get a long run in on the holiday and damn it was hot... Already!  It's not even August.  I just have to keep geting out there and getting re-acclimated to running in the heat.  My already snail's pace has dropped by over a minute and my heart rate is stupid-high!  Patience... I know.

My head just isn't in a good place right now.  I just feel overwhelmed.  Everything has been so busy the last month and sometimes I just feel like I'm just moving through the day, not really being present, just trying to get things done.  Yesterday was just one of those days that magnified every single shortcoming I have. I can't even blame training because I haven't been doing anything consistently for the last 2 weeks.  Never mind the venting... just need to get it out and move forward.  Okay, done. 


  1. Hey Donna-
    just wanted to say Hi!
    I remembered the wsd saddle you had said you liked, and tried it at my bike fit yesterday and rode with it today and it is sooo much better.
    Thanks again!


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