This Week

Man, where did the last month go?  Seems like it was June 1st just yesterday!!!

This week was a great week of training for me and I'm starting to feel better about it.  Track was challenging and tough, but I did it and felt so much better after.  My legs were tired for a couple days after, but it's all good.  Apparently it was the 6 minute mile pace I ran for 36 seconds that did me in.  :)  Today is a rest day and I have a 30 minute run tomorrow, then I race on Sunday.

Sunday's race will be bittersweet, I'm sure.  Elysha won't be there, but her Son will be doing his first tri in honor of her.  He is sooooo much like her when it comes to doing new, fun things.  Doug, E's Husband, will be there too, supporting as always!

True to my form these days my scheduling woes and forgetfulness continue.  I thought Cass' recital was Saturday, but no.  It's Sunday.  The same day of the race.  So, if prepping for Race day isn't enough, I have to prep for the recital the night before, go race and quickly (and it better be faster than I race!) get cleaned up and head downtown for the performance!  I'm having to have Darren get Cass there by 9:30 so she can have her dress rehearsal.  It's going to be a long day for those kiddos! I know Mommy will be wiped!

Back to training.  I just think it's ironic how there are such extreme ups and downs.  I mean, I love triathlon, but some days I just hate parts of it.  Obviously Running has been at the top and bottom of my list lately.... and everywhere between, now that I think about it.  It's almost like working through that is part of the training.  I'm so glad I'm feeling better.  Redman will be here before we know it!  Until then I have Y Freedom and River Cities.  I'm going to throw in the Firecracker 4 run, since they have a kiddo run for Cass -- that will be fun.

Oh!  Cass started Karate -- last night was her second class and she loves it. I'm calling her my Kinder-ninja.  She likes being "ninja fast".   I'm so surprised how the instructor has command over those kids.  I know the class is going to be good for her confidence, so long as she doesn't start karate chopping every kid that upsets her.  She needs something to make her feel strong.  She's so sweet and sensitive...

Woah, I just realized... 3 months to the day until Redman.  No time for slackin.  :)

Man, I'm all over the place with this blog entry... I'll quit for now.  LOL


  1. Running just sucks at this time of year no matter what. I went out at 7:30 last night and it was still awful.


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