Y Freedom Race Report

Swim 300m:  8:26.2  (being disputed... read below - closer to 6:40 something)
T1 1:47.3
Bike:  36:48.5
Avg. Speed:  19.6
T2:  2:21.2
Run:  47:48.5 - 15:56 pace

Total 1:37:11.8
12th of 20 in Athena Category

This is my second year for Y Freedom. I love that it's so close to home. This was one of E's races, because she loved the pool swim!  This year her Son, Austin, decided to do the tri in honor of his Mom and 2 of his friends did it as well.  Everyone finished -- it was great!!!

I got about 6 hours of sleep the night before. I wasn't worried about the race. I was just busy! Cass' recital was this past weekend too, and I had so much to get ready for, that I couldn't get to be timely.

I got up had my cup of coffee and 1/2 of an Ezekiel muffin with Almond butter. Waited for the coffee to prompt my morning "routine", but it never did!?!  I know... more than you need to know, but these are important things that need to happen pre-race!

I got to the race when transition opened to help Austin and his friends get setup and explain some things to them about how it would all roll.  I also like to get there early and get setup; I'm weird like that.  I'd rather have time to sit around than be rushed and forget something.

Here's where the total lack of focus begins:  Turns out they were really short volunteers, so after the kids was setup I grabbed a marker and helped with bodymarking as there was huge line!!! In doing so though, I almost forgot to pick-up my chip AND forgot to tell the kids to get theirs.  Thankfully Doug (E's Husband) asked the kids about it and they picked theirs up.  I dropped the marker and ran to pickup mine.  Ack!  Then, I brought a bottle of water with a Nuun (electrolytes) with me to drink pre-prace and a power bar smoothie to have around 6:00.  I got to the race left the water behind and completely forgot about my power bar until I was standing in line to swim! 

The Swim:  I felt like I had a great swim.  My plan was to control my pace to start and speed up the last half.  I'm glad to say no one passed me, unlike last year, but I did get caught up behind 4 people in the last 25 m.  I swam well, but certainly didn't have the power to muscle past 4 swimmers.  

I had hit "lap" instead of start at the swim start.  I saw the time, when I started and time when I finished, but I realized I had not hit Start when I was in T1.  I know my swim time was 6:40-something... not 8:26 as reported.  Something is definitely not right -- I just know it! With this start, if people get out of order, your time can easily be screwed up.  I'm so sure something isn't right that I contacted the timing folks.  Last year my swim time was 7:20 and I stopped to let people pass and was not nearly as trained as this year! This is the same company that forgot the Athena offset on another race I did last year -- I hear lots of complaints about their timing.

T1 was uneventful, though I was a little unfocused.  I started putting socks on and my visor, when I needed my helmet and bike shoes.  Doh! 

The bike was good!  It was a great ride for me.  I rode in the big ring the entire time, which was a first.  Their timing/distance was off though. I looked better on their paper, averaging 19.6, but my Garmin tells me 18.4 for the actual distance, which I'm completely happy with.  I controlled my effort and made sure I didn't over-do it.  I know it's a Sprint and typically you'd go out harder, but I'm trying to learn to manage my energy to get through a half-iron distance in September, so that's my focus right now. I drank about 16 oz. of Cytomax on the bike.

T2 was a little slow. I actually had to sit to put my socks and running shoes on (I can't run without socks!).

The run was tough. My calves cramped right away.  I'm certain that was the poor nutrition that morning coupled with the heat.  I had a gel with me so I did that with the G2 I was carrying in my bottle.  I had some Gatorade at every water station.  The first half mile was miserable, but I pushed through it. It wasn't until the end of the second mile I started feeling better in that I could maintain longer intervals, but still they weren't where they normally are.  Let's see... what else?  I had to stop and fix my sock hems that were bunched up under my toes and causing some rubbing.  I was afraid if I didn't stop, I'd get blisters.  Oh, and I had new shoes too! 
And then I crossed the finish...that's about it.  :) 

What I did right:
Stuck to my plan; didn't let people passing me bother me. (<--- that's huge!)
Didn't forget any gear... yay!
Felt like I controlled my pace on the bike and swim well.
I wasn't at the bottom of the Athena category!!!

What I need to improve:
Don't lose focus; take care of my race needs first!


  1. great race summary. in sharing your experiences and logging in what you need for yourself, you are helping those of us who are new at this!

    I don't know when I will be ready to race again following this surgery. I think I will be volunteering instead, which should be fun too.


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