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Friday Fillins

Image we go!

1. I'm going to be completely unproductive at work with my Daughter "visiting" for the day.  At almost 6 she still has a hard time keeping herself entertained.  :)

2. Elysha lived the example of  adventure and daring.

3. Perhaps today you can recognize and act on an opportunity to/say something nice to/for someone.

4.Some people think I have one, but I only have half ofa true adventurer’s spirit. (I'm just plain "chicken" to do some things.  :)

5. Compassion is priceless.

6. Forgive; no matter how difficult.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to "the best lil' triathlon in the south" tomorrow my plans include traveling to Shreveport and Sunday, I want to well, kick-ass and maybe beat Lance's course record for the tri!  <---Hahaha!

Thursday Thirteen - Completely Random

1)  I've gotten to the point at work that if I don't know who it is calling me, I don't pick up the phone.  I figure if it's important enough they'll leave a message.  I hate how telemarketers immediately persuade you to feel obliged to entertain their presentation, with no regard for what I may be doing.  It's just annoying.  Note to marketers.  If you think what you have to say is important, take the time to leave me a message, I just may call you back if you think it's important enough to leave a voice mail!

2)  I've had a neurotic red-breasted bird practically living on my window-sill at work.  Seriously, this little twisted tweeter comes to my office window everyday, over and over again.  What's nuts is he pecks at the window and jumps up and down on the ledge for several minutes at a time, then leaves, then come back.  His little beak is all worn down from all the pecking at the glass.

You might imagine how annoying the sound can be.  At firs…

Wordless Wednesday

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Triathlon Girl Talks Tactics LOL!

Entered! Houston Full Marathon Lottery

I've never won more than a bottle of ketchup in a grocery store contest when I was a kid, so here's hoping (???) I win the lottery for entry in the 2011 Chevron Houston Marathon.  Now I wait until August 17th to see if I made it in.

I was kind of torn as to whether or not I'd do the event.  I am somewhat annoyed at the whole implementation of the lottery system, but it is local and I need something to keep me going through the Winter. 

I'm also thinking about combining a trip to NJ in 2011 to do the half-marathon at "Run The Shore" New Jersey Marathon Festival -- it's down the boardwalk from Long Branch and South... seems like it would be fun!

Race Sim

Overall my race sim went well.  I'm happy and have complete confidence I can do this!  I need to define, refine and tweak some things here and there, but with 9 weeks still ahead of me until Redman's Half, so I have time!

So my swim of approximately 1800m was about 43 minutes.  I don't have an exact time, but I know I came in under 45 -- and that was my goal.  At Silverlake I did the 1 mile race, in a wetsuit in 42 minutes.  This was 1.2 miles and I did it without at wetsuit in 43 minutes. So I'm definitely showing signs of improvement. :)

My bike was decent.  I felt really strong the first 30 miles. We started our way back and had some headwind and cross wind, which made it "feel like we were riding into a hair dryer!", as described by a friend, which dropped our overall average speed.  I was having a great ride up until then.  Still, though, I managed an overall average of 15.7 for the ride, which easily would have been 2 to 3 miles slower last year!  Total…

I Should be Sleeping Now...


I'm kind of excited/nervous about tomorrow.  I have a race sim that is going to be pretty indicative of how Redman will go.  It's an 1800m swim, 47 mile bike and 20 min run.  Yeah, the run is short, but I need to save it for crossing the real finish line. :)

I have a completely new nutrition plan with the help of RPM Sports.  I'm anxious to try it and see what a difference it will make.  My hope is it that it makes for an A-maz-ing day.

I'm a little concerned though because it's a lot of food (volume-wise) for me.  Heck it even sounded like a lot to my coach!  She said I'd be tired just from chewing 2 power bars; she's probably right!

I'm going to give it a whirl since tomorrow is the day to make mistakes and try new things.

Oh well... as ready as I'm going to be.  Need some shut-eye now.

Do you do race reports on simulations?  More to come.

Race Report: Bayou Duathlon

Oh!  The Bayou Duathlon was this past weekend.  I neglected to mention it or even do a race report for it.

In lieu of the Katy Flatlands Century Ride, I did it as a relay with "Hombre", my training buddy -- the better training choice since I have that crazy brick this weekend, and according to SC*, "you can ride 100 miles any ol' time."  LOL

Anyway, "Hombre" did the run(s) and I did the bike.

A group of us headed out to ride the course before the race (11.5 miles) at 5:30 am. There was absolutely no wind and we were chit-chattin' keep ing 17-18 no problem... not even breathing heavy.

SC:  "I think you'll average 20 today."
Me:  "I think you're smokin' crack.  I've never averaged 20."
SC:  "What's your goal?"
Me:  "I don't have a specific goal; only to do my best.  Then I can't be disappointed if I don't reach a magic number."  "Because today my best might be 17 or i…

9 1/2 Weeks -- Hahaha!

Hey, it's me... Donna (Ride or Tri Like a Girl!).  I just have a new blog title and new look!

There's just 9 1/2 weeks left before Redman. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

I was really happy to finally receive my daily and race nutrition plan from RPM Sports.  Upon review it was a little overwhelming, but we'll go over everything and I'm certain I'll have a chance to ask questions.  Nutrition is really the big gray area for me with the obvious challenges and this plan is tailored just for me, and takes my rearranged plumbing into account.  I'm anxious to see how having the proper nutrition will impact performance and endurance. I guess I'll find out this weekend, because...

I have what my coaches call a "crazy brick" this weekend.  It's one of those things that tests not only your physical endurance but your mental endurance too.  Heck, for me it's almost the half-iron distance!  I'm looking at an 1800m swim, a 47 mi…

My Kingdom for a Cute but Tough "Girlz" Bike Jersey

This is a new kind of entry into the "I made it" category.  Usually it's always food!  :)

So a few months ago we were sitting at the lake after a swim and started talking about coming up with a tri jersey that had a skull and crossbones (victory or death) with a pink bow.  We were kind of excited about the prospect of a cool, tough, girly jersey and I had been wanting to do something that would help me learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Well, Elysha passed away and anything non-essential kind of faded into the background, as you might imagine.  

Well, there are a group of girls, some members of my tri club, some not, who are doing a bike team time trial in San Antonio.  We decided do resurrect the idea but make the tri jersey into a bike jersey.

So with some guidance of what they wanted we came up with this design.  I know, you cyclists are thinking "BLACK?!?" But really, it worked for Fatty's group, so why not ours? We ride in the Winter too!  We tried d…

A Fresh New Look!

Well, if you're actually visiting here and not reading through Google Reader,  you'll see the new look!  I figured I've been keeping a blog of some sort since 1997, back when we used to call them "home pages" and not "blogs", that I do something nice.  I just couldn't find the time to figure it all out.  I'd get to a point, but it would never have that polished look I wanted. 

I have to give credit where credit is due... I had some help from Mary Plautz of Last Chance Blog Designs and I'm completely happy with the end result.  This blog is changing, just like me!  Unfortunately Mary is not taking new orders for blogs, because she's overhauling her business, but I still endorse her.  So if you're interested, keep checking her site to see when she's ready to taking new orders.

There's a little tweaking to come still, but it's still worth a click or two outside of Reader to see what Mary did for me.  :)

So I've progres…

While I am Waiting

While I'm waiting for the hot sun to go down  before I head out for my run, I was checking out some blogs.  One blog pointed me to the "Love Your Body" campaign.  I just really liked some of these posters. 

This theme kept recurring in things I read this week.  Like Shelly (Eggface) who loves her bod (and pouch) so much that she only treats it to good stuff.  Or really believing in my head that I am already a runner so that I think like one amd act like one.  Love my body the way it is right now -- this body that trains hard and sees me from the Start Line to the Finish Line, so far, without fail.  That's pretty darned good!

You can take a look at some of the other poster winners here; I just posted the ones I really liked.

For the Athena Closet: Nike Dedication Sport Top

I've stood on my soap box before, asking the sports apparel manufacturers to hear us.  "Us" being the fluffy, non-junior sized athletes.  We exist; we're not "Bigfoot."  Please, please make performance apparel we can swim, bike and run in!  Really, I mean I don't want to do a full Ironman naked one day!  :)

Depending on the manufacturer I can wear XL's.  Nike actually offers XXL's; the shorts are too big and the tighter fitting tops just don't cut it in the area of the "boobicles", at least for me.  Until I found the Nike Dedication Sport Top!  Can you hear the angels singing?  I can.  :)  The top comes in sizes 1X to 3X.

If you are looking for a looser fitting top, this is not it.  This is form fitting.  It has a flattering fit, believe it or not, but the 1X was a little long on me, but just right in the bust.  If I were juding I would say these run a little small size-wise, but does that surprise anyone who tries to find pluss ap…

Annual Post-op Labs :::Cue Dramatic Music:::

Da-duh, dum, dum...

Let's recap, shall we?  For the last 3 months my Thyroid has been good.  For the last 6 weeks my Prolactin levels have normalized, according to the numbers, so thankfully Dostinex is working. Really, it's nice not to feel like I'm lactating. 

But why, then, do I still feel so crappy?

Well, I visited my PCP yesterday to discuss my annual post-RNY labs.  Generally this is a very uneventful discussion.  It never really changes.  I'm a "good patient" and he likes that I "the results show I still follow the rules at over 3 years out." 

First, considering my hormone issues, he thinks it's great I'm "just 7 lbs. up".  He said a lot of post-ops this far out have gained more.  Of course I replied, "but I'm swimming, biking and running almost 100 miles a week!  I shouldn't have ANY weight gain!!"  He can't say much other than "hormonal chemistry is tricky" and that I should go by body fa…

Firecracker 4! Me and the Cassinator

I did the Firecracker 4 in Lake Jackson.  My race was fine.  4 miles, under an hour.  I know not lightening speed, but 57 mins in this heat was good for me!  Nothing really of significance about the race.  I just went to support LJFAT and have some fun since I had to run anyway.

The rest of the race was a blast.  I brought Cass-a-frass with me because BASF sponsored a fun-run for the kids. 

I'm not sure if I've shared this, but it's pretty funny.  With Cassie, if you call it a race she just freaks out.  You can't even say, "Race you upstairs!"  She'll just stop, shoot-out that bottom lip and goes into full-blown pout-mode.  If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.  So, therefore, any kind of race situation/challenge is called a "Fun {fill inthe blank}".  The ironic thing is, get her in a race situation, and she's all game and gets competitive!  Here's some pics.

She doesn't quite understand "pacing" yet.  Poor thing went…