9 1/2 Weeks -- Hahaha!

Hey, it's me... Donna (Ride or Tri Like a Girl!).  I just have a new blog title and new look!

There's just 9 1/2 weeks left before Redman. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

I was really happy to finally receive my daily and race nutrition plan from RPM Sports.  Upon review it was a little overwhelming, but we'll go over everything and I'm certain I'll have a chance to ask questions.  Nutrition is really the big gray area for me with the obvious challenges and this plan is tailored just for me, and takes my rearranged plumbing into account.  I'm anxious to see how having the proper nutrition will impact performance and endurance. I guess I'll find out this weekend, because...

I have what my coaches call a "crazy brick" this weekend.  It's one of those things that tests not only your physical endurance but your mental endurance too.  Heck, for me it's almost the half-iron distance!  I'm looking at an 1800m swim, a 47 mile bike and 30 minute run -- and hopefully all under 4 hours.  That's a goal anyway.  It will be fun!.  We're doing it along side the other athletes they are training and this is the last big session for my she-ro coach, before she starts tapering for the Louisville IM.  We're all doing portions along side of her.

 Let's see, what else?  I'm taking my vitamins as newly instructed and I'm forcing myself out of bed at 4:30 AM, when my alarm goes off.  For a few months I couldn't move when the alarm would go off, which is totally not me -- I even got to the point where I didn't bother setting my alarm, and would just get up when Darren did.  If you know me, you know that is soooo not me.  I'm not a "morning person", but I do  get up early and get moving.

Dare I say I'm actually starting to feel a little better?  Doc confirmed Thyroid and Prolactin are now normalized. Just need to get these other deficiencies related to Anemia in check before it becomes something that requires escalated treatment.

Next week is Rivercities.  Don't worry Lance, I'm not out to break your record. I'm just out for the top-rate schwag.  : )


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