Annual Post-op Labs :::Cue Dramatic Music:::

Da-duh, dum, dum...

Let's recap, shall we?  For the last 3 months my Thyroid has been good.  For the last 6 weeks my Prolactin levels have normalized, according to the numbers, so thankfully Dostinex is working. Really, it's nice not to feel like I'm lactating. 

But why, then, do I still feel so crappy?

Well, I visited my PCP yesterday to discuss my annual post-RNY labs.  Generally this is a very uneventful discussion.  It never really changes.  I'm a "good patient" and he likes that I "the results show I still follow the rules at over 3 years out." 

First, considering my hormone issues, he thinks it's great I'm "just 7 lbs. up".  He said a lot of post-ops this far out have gained more.  Of course I replied, "but I'm swimming, biking and running almost 100 miles a week!  I shouldn't have ANY weight gain!!"  He can't say much other than "hormonal chemistry is tricky" and that I should go by body fat percent.  And in that area, I haven't gone up and I haven't gone down. 

So that's all good stuff.  Well, sorta... depending on if you ask him or me. 

The bad news is my labs were sh*tty and my labs point to being Anemic.  Good grief!  Could my body chemistry be any more screwed up right now?

Jokingly he said "You were healthier before all this Triathlon training."  Very funny. Not.

So we turned up the volume on some supplements ( and we'll see how it goes after 3 months.

I'm disppointed things are out-of-whack, but happy there's an answer.  I'm even happier there is something I can do about it!

Also the Anemia would account for the feeling of chills and dizziness I had on my last several long runs.  Oh yeah, did I mention that?  Well, it was happening.  I can slow down and get it together a gain so I just listen to my body.  I like to think I'm pretty in tune with what I am supposed to be feeling.

There was more good.  My total cholesterol was not just great, but my ratio of healthy cholesterol (HDL) to LDL was awesome.  Generally I have good total cholesterol, so thank you CorOmega fish Oil for helping to raise my HDL. :)

And... the best good news is, I'm still no longer Diabetic.


  1. In the past, I've been a little anemic, too. But my most recent bloodwork showed my iron levels as higher than the normal range. What?!


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