Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Entered! Houston Full Marathon Lottery

I've never won more than a bottle of ketchup in a grocery store contest when I was a kid, so here's hoping (???) I win the lottery for entry in the 2011 Chevron Houston Marathon.  Now I wait until August 17th to see if I made it in.

I was kind of torn as to whether or not I'd do the event.  I am somewhat annoyed at the whole implementation of the lottery system, but it is local and I need something to keep me going through the Winter. 

I'm also thinking about combining a trip to NJ in 2011 to do the half-marathon at "Run The Shore" New Jersey Marathon Festival -- it's down the boardwalk from Long Branch and South... seems like it would be fun!


sharla said...

First, I love the new look of your blog!

How does the lottery work? Is there only a few slots for Houston area residents?
Hope you get one!

Donna said...

Basically you register, but they don't charge your credit card until you're chosen. So now I wait until August 17th. If I get a slot then they'll charge me.

Thanks. I like the new blog space too!

The Curvy Life said...

Good Luck!!

Hope you get in!!!


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