Firecracker 4! Me and the Cassinator

I did the Firecracker 4 in Lake Jackson.  My race was fine.  4 miles, under an hour.  I know not lightening speed, but 57 mins in this heat was good for me!  Nothing really of significance about the race.  I just went to support LJFAT and have some fun since I had to run anyway.

The rest of the race was a blast.  I brought Cass-a-frass with me because BASF sponsored a fun-run for the kids. 

I'm not sure if I've shared this, but it's pretty funny.  With Cassie, if you call it a race she just freaks out.  You can't even say, "Race you upstairs!"  She'll just stop, shoot-out that bottom lip and goes into full-blown pout-mode.  If it wasn't so sad it would be funny.  So, therefore, any kind of race situation/challenge is called a "Fun {fill inthe blank}".  The ironic thing is, get her in a race situation, and she's all game and gets competitive!  Here's some pics.

She doesn't quite understand "pacing" yet.  Poor thing went out so hard she barely made it all the way back!  She had such a stitch in her side, but was super-proud to finish.  She's a tough cookie. :)


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