I Should be Sleeping Now...


I'm kind of excited/nervous about tomorrow.  I have a race sim that is going to be pretty indicative of how Redman will go.  It's an 1800m swim, 47 mile bike and 20 min run.  Yeah, the run is short, but I need to save it for crossing the real finish line. :)

I have a completely new nutrition plan with the help of RPM Sports.  I'm anxious to try it and see what a difference it will make.  My hope is it that it makes for an A-maz-ing day.

I'm a little concerned though because it's a lot of food (volume-wise) for me.  Heck it even sounded like a lot to my coach!  She said I'd be tired just from chewing 2 power bars; she's probably right!

I'm going to give it a whirl since tomorrow is the day to make mistakes and try new things.

Oh well... as ready as I'm going to be.  Need some shut-eye now.

Do you do race reports on simulations?  More to come.


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