My Kingdom for a Cute but Tough "Girlz" Bike Jersey

This is a new kind of entry into the "I made it" category.  Usually it's always food!  :)

So a few months ago we were sitting at the lake after a swim and started talking about coming up with a tri jersey that had a skull and crossbones (victory or death) with a pink bow.  We were kind of excited about the prospect of a cool, tough, girly jersey and I had been wanting to do something that would help me learn how to use Adobe Illustrator.

Well, Elysha passed away and anything non-essential kind of faded into the background, as you might imagine.  

Well, there are a group of girls, some members of my tri club, some not, who are doing a bike team time trial in San Antonio.  We decided do resurrect the idea but make the tri jersey into a bike jersey.

So with some guidance of what they wanted we came up with this design.  I know, you cyclists are thinking "BLACK?!?" But really, it worked for Fatty's group, so why not ours? We ride in the Winter too!  We tried different variations, but in the end, this is what looked best and is what everyone liked, so "Chase This!"


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