Thursday Thirteen - Completely Random

1)  I've gotten to the point at work that if I don't know who it is calling me, I don't pick up the phone.  I figure if it's important enough they'll leave a message.  I hate how telemarketers immediately persuade you to feel obliged to entertain their presentation, with no regard for what I may be doing.  It's just annoying.  Note to marketers.  If you think what you have to say is important, take the time to leave me a message, I just may call you back if you think it's important enough to leave a voice mail!

2)  I've had a neurotic red-breasted bird practically living on my window-sill at work.  Seriously, this little twisted tweeter comes to my office window everyday, over and over again.  What's nuts is he pecks at the window and jumps up and down on the ledge for several minutes at a time, then leaves, then come back.  His little beak is all worn down from all the pecking at the glass.

You might imagine how annoying the sound can be.  At first we thought maybe he was injured, but he's not -- he's just nuts!  Clearly his little bird brain definitely has a screw loose.  The pecking got so annoying I considered moving my office as it had been going on for 3 weeks!  Just yesterday the guys here mounted a new pet on the sill of my window... It's much bigger and not as cute, but it's kept my crazy red-breasted friend away!

3)  My Wordless Wednesday photo was about balance.  One noter said they thought "Ta dahhh!" when they saw it.  If/when I achieve balance, that's what I'll be saying.... "Ta dahh!  Seems to me balance is a dynamic state and some things weigh more than others at different times.  I'm still trying to get better at it.

4)  River Cities Triathlon (aka "The best lil' triathlon in the South") is this weekend.  Me, my TB (Training Buddy aka "Hombre") and company, along with a group of others from the tri club are headed to Shreveport. I'm looking forward to the race.  It will be fun to be somewhere different.

5)  Mom, Sis and Nieces are arriving from NJ a week from Friday.  I'm so excited!!  Seems like I'm missing home more and more lately.

6)  I can't believe Cassie starts "real" school in 4 weeks.  That's just insane to me.  She's ready and excited to be a "Bauerschlag Bear"  :)

7) 57 days until Redman.  I started working with a sports nutritionist on my race nutrition and daily nutrition.  I think it's going to workout well.  We have some challenges with food volume as I just can't eat what they want me to eat pre-race (for obvious reason), but I think we're going to come up with a "smoothie" option to get the fuel I need.  After how good I felt on my bike Sunday, I'm excited to try more.  My daily plan has about 1300 calories a day, but is very specific with regard to content of not only Fat/Protein/Carbs, but also Iron, Cholesterol, Sodium and Calcium.  Between these very specific dietary changes, my Thyroid being normalized and not starving my body during training, I can already tell I'm feeling a bit better.  Let's keep fingers cross that it continues to go in the right direction.

8)  It's been weighing on my mind, but my Mom is divorcing after 29 years of marriage.  I'm sad for her, but not for losing him from our lives.  As cold as it sounds, I almost feel like I can breathe again knowing he's gone.  I also know love is a funny thing and that he could be back one day, so I'll hold my tongue and save my opinions for another day.

9)  My brother actually sent me a message.  Oh?  I've never mentioned my brother?  That's because we really don't talk.  In fact, the last time I saw him was when my Dad almost died several years ago.  Shortly thereafter he took up some religious beliefs that weren't very flexible.  As in, if-you-don't-agree-with-me-I-can't-associate-with-you, kind of stuff.  He sent me some videos on how "bad" divorce is.  Frankly, it annoyed me and I replied, "What point are you trying to make by sending this to me?"  He never responded and we never really talked again. Then, out of the blue, he sends me a message saying that my Daughter's birth video was a "featured video of the day on You Tube and was surprised it was his Sister (me) and her Daughter.  God bless."    I replied and said it was nice to hear from him, hoped he was well, and that "my Daughter is your niece and it would be nice if you could meet one day.  Love, me."  We'll see what happens.

10)  I found a half marathon I might do next year if I can combine it with a trip to NJ.  There is the NJ Marathon Festival where I can "Run the Shore".  I think it would be tons of fun since I lived on that boardwalk as kid!  It will be too close to Houston (if I get in) and Lonestar 70.3 (if?) to do the full, but I did consider it... after all, it does have a neat shirt!

11)  With regard to number 10, some of my best family memories (post divorce) are "down the shore."  I loved going to Asbury Park for the 4th of July and watching the fireworks.  I loved the old Convention Center/Paramount Theatre, there was such an overwhelming sense of "old" and "history." Probably because it was in a perpetual state of disrepair when we'd visit.  However, whenever I'd walk through there I'd always try to imagine what it was like in it's day. The entire Asbury Park area had had a hard 20+ years from the 1970's to 1990's, but slowly things  are being restored and that's a good thing.

8)  Does everyone get so nostalgic when they get older?

9)  Hmmm, next thing you know I'll want to try to knit/crochet again!

10)  So Dailymile has a swimming challenge sponsored by Ford/Ironman. It's now much time you spend in the pool.  Not necessarily how far or how fast, but rather how long.  Kind of evens out the playing ground.  Anyway there are 25 prizes (an Aquasphere Ironman Wetsuit).  I'm number 5 and there's just 2 days left of the challenge!  I'm hoping I score one, in a sleeveless!  I'm a little worried the sleeves might be too hot for Redman.  Hmmm.

11)  My friend *S* had Gastric Bypass on Monday.  Send her good vibes.  My BFF is going through the process of a revision from lap band to gastric sleeve.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything continues to move forward for her and smoothly!

12) Cassie adores her friend's St. Bernard. We're looking for a large, loyal, quiet dog.  Recommendations?

13) I'm wrapping up my Thursday 13!  Need to run to the store... outta here!

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  1. the nj marathon and half is a great race, lots of hoopla

    asbury is picking up a bit, they have some great unique restrurants....

  2. Interesting list, makes for good reading. And yes, I've gotten a lot more nostalgic as I've gotten older. Sorry about your mom, you sound very wise to keep your opinions to yourself!

    Happy TT.

  3. You gotta wonder why the bird brain was so desperate to get in.

  4. What a crazy bird! That was a cool video of it.

    We are gpoing thru a frustration of squirels in our roof. Pesky little rascals. It looks like you have solution in the decoy. Hope the fix lasts.

    Success to you in your life goals. Just remember to keep on keeping on and you will make it happen. Blessings on you.


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