While I am Waiting

While I'm waiting for the hot sun to go down  before I head out for my run, I was checking out some blogs.  One blog pointed me to the "Love Your Body" campaign.  I just really liked some of these posters. 

This theme kept recurring in things I read this week.  Like Shelly (Eggface) who loves her bod (and pouch) so much that she only treats it to good stuff.  Or really believing in my head that I am already a runner so that I think like one amd act like one.  Love my body the way it is right now -- this body that trains hard and sees me from the Start Line to the Finish Line, so far, without fail.  That's pretty darned good!

You can take a look at some of the other poster winners here; I just posted the ones I really liked.


  1. great reminders, thanks! I struggle w/ this. and since recovering from surgery and not being to do all I want to do, I have really struggled!

    really like the first poster and the one about "curves"


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