I Love the Tri Folk

I love my fellow athletes. It's no secret I had a bad week last week and when I headed out for track, I was not in the best mindset. I regained perspective after talking everything out with one of my club peeps there, but there was another who expressed concern from a distance... only because he was not sure of  what to do/say for me. He reached out to the person I was talking to, and they let me know he asked about me.I wrote him back to say thanks! I can only hope to pay it forward to someone else!

"I was concerned about you, but I know you are a competitor and will do your best. Walk/Run is a solution that might get you through like the lunch break on the bike that I took in my one and only IM. I did it to get through, not to go fast.

Our sport should be a joy and not a burden. Unexpected challenges like Thyroid and Anemia for you and a heart attack for me, can just be a bump in the road in the long run if we put them in their place.

Well maybe a pot hole……but just don’t let the wheels come off."

Wise words from a fellow triathlete. :)  See why I love my tri peeps?  I even have peeps who send me encouraging words directly , even when I disable comments!

Then last night I get another message from another bloggy-tri-virtual friend.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to track my progress and journal everything from my post-op life, family and training.  If I can help another aspiring athlete along the way, or live my live in a way that inspires someone to believe enough in themselves to get up, get out and move (because we all can!) it makes me sooooo happy.  But, when someone writes me and tells me they're doing a tri because of what they read in my blog, it just blows me away (in a great way!).  I don't paint triathlon in flowers and rainbows.  It is easier for some people and it would be easier for a reader to read about an athlete who has great success, but J continues to read my diatribe.  :)

"I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the information you write about in your blog.  I've signed up for my first sprint tri and am starting to get nervous - what should I wear, how should I handle transition, etc.  I've been about to find lots of information on gear and such from your posts - THANK YOU for taking the time to provide reviews and opinions on the products you have tried.   Best of luck with your continued training - you inspire me to continue to push! J"

J, you're gonna rock your first triathlon.  Please remember to send me the details; looking forward to your race report, 'cause I'm geeky like that!


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