Long Brick on Sunday

This was my last long training session before Redman.  It was originally scheduled to be a 1 hour run, 3:30 bike ride and 1:15 run.  Earlier last week Mel changed it to a 1 hour run, 2 hour bike and 1 hour run.

I inquired as to why the change, and it was because of the heat.  Which I can understand since its hotter than Hades here right now.

That said, if it doesn't cool off before Redman, I'm going to be in a world of hurt.  I'm in one of the last waves anyway and it's not like I'm super fast... I need to be ready to be in the sun.

So I asked if we could do the original plan, "...because what if it's sweltering hot on race day?"  I'm told "OC" gave they typical "WTF?"  when anyone asks to change their schedule, but agreed with my reasoning.

We started a run at 5am.  I managed a 13:20 pace for my first run!  I felt sooo good and walked very little.  I'm not sure where it came from because my nutrition and sleep from the day/night before wasn't all that great, plus it was hot (but dark/cooler). 

On the bike I had to made a point to watch my heart rate.  After all, I had to run after.  It caused me to sacrifice speed, but the goal is to finish not to be fast, so that's what I have to do.  By the middle of the ride the sun was hot, and humidity was high.  We decided on doing 2 loops of CLI course because it gave us a couple little bridge climbs, plus 2 passes over the Kemah bridge.  The last 15 miles were just miserable.  We did 54 miles on the bike and headed right out for our 1:15 run.

It was a little before 11am when we started the run. We placed a cooler of ice at the end of the driveway in front of the house and my Daughter was there with the hose.  She sprayed us down as we passed on our 1 mile loop, and cooled us down we passed (like aid stations on the course).  I was literally stuffing my shirt and hat with ice to try and keep cool!.  The 1 mile loop in my  neighborhood was a little boring, but knowing I was going to hit the cooler again was motivation to keep moving! 

I can't even begin to tell you how hot it was.  Seriously.  I never got heat rash before, but have it all over my  my legs... Mel says, "You're in the half ironman club now."  LOL

The last run was a constant mental battle.  My legs were fine (they're way sore today), but I had to keep saying... "Heart rate is fine... legs are fine... keep going" over and over again.  My body just kept wanting to stop.  I'm hoping it was just the heat.  I only went 4.2 miles and if it had been race day, I would have  had 8.9 more to talk myself through!

Today I feel pretty good, except for my quads being a little sore.  I did sleep like a baby last night

I did take my first ice bath yesterday.  Woah!


  1. I think you were very smart to go ahead with your original training plan.
    I'm sure your daughter had fun getting to squirt you with the hose:)

    A January Marathon could be fun- something to keep motivation going thru the holidays and it wouldn"t be HOT :)


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