Seeing Red

I haven't been blogging much of anything the last few days, as my family was here from NJ visiting.  We celebrated my Daughter's 6th birthday (a month early) with a water-park party and it was a ton of fun. Family visits are much too short and few and far between, so I'm grateful for the time we do get spend together.  So much so, I didn't do one second of training over the weekend.  No training = no green boxes in my training log :(  Seeing lots of red!

I've been trying to get my nutrition in line for my training and race day, and had my RMR test redone.  The results were completely different than the initial test done back in December and definitely more in line with what I would expect.  My RMR is about 1,461 calories; this is what I burn doing nothing but existing.

So we have a plan now.  I get about 1,300 calories a day, which is completely doable, but the challenge has been meeting very specific goals.  They took 4 days of my food journals and averaged it out.  Then they compared it to my new goals:

*CHO (Carbohydrates) ∙ *SFA (Saturated Fats)

"My Average" does not include my supplements, which I take routinely because of my RNY, but dieticians strive for clients to get all of their nutrition from food, instead of relying on supplementation.  I'm still taking my supps... so no worries.  ;)

As far as macronutrients I was pretty close; cut some cheese out and I'd be on the money!  I was really surprised at the sodium though, because... I feel like I eat a low-sodium diet, but obviously not! 

So these are my macro-nutrient goals:
1,301 calories divided as follows:
130 grams carbohydrate
110 grams protein
25 grams fat
25-30 grams dietary fiber

I'll be a boring food blogger for the next couple weeks.  I'm really going to give this a go and see what happens and how I feel.  I started to casually do it and I'm seeing/feeling results so I feel optimistic. :)  The more weight I can drop before Redman, the better!!!


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