So Bummed

Before you say it...

I know there are other races...

I know something else will come along...

I just want to be disappointed about this for a minute.

How is it 90% of marathoners got in and I'm in that 10% that didn't make it?

That mean's I'm just 1 of 1,100 people.  Maybe I should enter the real lottery!

Admittedly, this morning, I did contemplate raising $350 to get a "Hero" spot.  If I would have done that to begin with it would be a more sincere gesture -- seems selfish to do it now just because I didn't get in by lottery.

And there are other races, but they're not the Houston Marathon.  It's like saying Six Flags is an okay substitute, if you can't make it to Disney.

There is one in Kingwood, which I wait listed for this morning.  There's also one in Sugarland mid-January, so I have some options. 

I just wanted my first full to be Houston.  Ugh.

It sucks not to get what you want.  :P


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