Time Just Moves so Fast!

Seems like the last few weeks have just flown by.  I can't believe Cassie starts "real" school in just 10 days.  Never mind the last few weeks, but where did the almost 6 years go?!?

This weekend will be a weekend of catch-up on all things domestic.  One of Cassie's day camp friends has a b'day party at that pizza and game joint which has a ginormous mouse as their mascot.  In the past we've come up with other reasons to avoid b'day parties there because each time Cass would get really, really sick.  Here's hoping she doesn't this time.

Just 6 weeks until Redman; I can hardly believe it and it will be here in no time.  I'm praying that Fall comes a little early and cools things off in OKC. I can't believe it could be as humid there as it is here on the Gulf Coast, right?  It will be what it will be, and I will finish!  :)

This weekend I have my last crazy brick before Redman.  It's a 1 hour run, 2 hour bike, and 1 hour run.  It was originally almost a 6 hour brick, but coaches changed it since it's been so wicked hot here.  I'm actually a little bummed because I was kind of looking forward to it because if I got through that, I know it would give me confidence for the actual race. I think we're going to ride a little longer anyway though.  I need that run after the long bike. No. I really need it.

In the end of August I'm headed to IM Louisville to root-on one of my coaches who has some unfinished business to attend to. :)  See last year was her first IM; she did IMFL.  Within 2 miles of the finish...yeah, do the math 138.6 of 140.6! she was taken off the course by the medics.  2 miles!  They took her to the tent, cared for her and tried to give her her finisher's medal anyway, but she threw it down -- she wouldn't take it because she didn't REALLY finish.  I would dare anyone to challenge her after going 138.6, but I totally get her point and I'd probably do the same.

We (Training Buddy and I) were going to v'teer for the race to get up close and personal with a full IM race, but it seems we'll be more helpful to our friend/coach if we're out and about on the course to root her on.

To add to the spirit we came up with some funny shirts:

This is the shirt's front.

This is the shirt's back. The M-dot family is her, her husband, her twins and oldest son.

Each back of the 8 shirts have different quotes that we've heard one another say... especially OC (Our Coach). Sometimes we just wonder where he comes up with some of his material. :)
  • WTF? 
    Generally in response to a race request that interferes with "A" race focus or changing your training without consulting.
  • "I want a donut real bad" 
    When Mel wants a donut she earns it!
  • "Lean forward and don't fall down."  OC
  • "You dont HAVE to do this.  You GET to do this."  OC
  • "Make it a happy-pretty race!" 
    Mel says to make just about anything "happy-pretty"
  • "Was this in my "Race Viz?"
    Race Viz = Race Visualization... Something OC insists we do before every race.
  • "WWOC Do?"

There are probably enough coined phrases between both coaches and their athletes to come up with many more.  Hopefully Mel will see us on the course in our neon yellow-green shirts and smile.  Knowing her though, chances are she'll be smiling anyway... like she always does in every race.

I'm getting excited about going!!!


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