Wait for it... wait for it...

And it's officially here.  The freak-out stage.  Just like with the half marathon last year.

The brick did what it should; made me plenty nervous about Redman.  My only goal is to finish, but that infers finishing under 8 hours.  I started thinking about how challenging Sunday was and wondered if I would even beat 8 hours.  I know they don't close the course because the full is going on, but still, on principle I need to finish under 8.

I started thinking about the few workout sessions I missed; that if I added all of them up would I be in a different place right now?  Would they have made a real difference?

So after a few emails between MCs (My Coaches) and I, I know I just have to relax and stop worrying about time.  But how do you not worry about time?  I mean if it was just a matter of going faster because I know I could make the cut-off, that's different.  This is now questioning whether I'll make the cut-off.  All this training, all the sacrifice my family made for me to do this.  I would hate for it not to come to fruition.

I know I have to trust my training.  I know I just need to relax.

After the last email I took a look at my Google Reader, and this headline just blared out at me:

"Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. 
You only need to find one good reason why it will."

Because I've trained. 

I am disabling comments because I'm not digging for "atta-girls", though they're always, always appreciated. It's just what's in my head right now and I went through this with the half marathon last year.  I just need to be positive and practice everything I know to practice.

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