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Breakfast/Lunch 9/29

2 eggs (short on eggs this morning!)
1/2 C. Spinach
F&W Salsa Verde
Coffee w/Half-n-Half
Half of an Ezekiel English Muffin
3/4 wedge of Laughing cow light
About a dozen dried cranberries
Calories:  368
Fat:  23
Carbohydrates:  20
Protein 23

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers - Market Blend
4 oz. Valley Fresh Chicken Breast
1/2 C. Brown Rice
Calories:  305
Fat: 5
Carbohydrates: 32
Protein: 34

Official Photos


Dinner 9/29

Mama Mary's 100% Whole Wheat Thin Crust - 7"
1/4 C. Health Valley Organic Shredded Cheese
.25 oz Mini Pepperonis
.75 ounce Boar's Head Low Sodium Ham
3 T. Tomato Sauce
Calories: 368
Carbs:  62 g.
Fat:  16 g.
Protein 19 g.

Afternoon Snack 9/29

Fage 2% w/Cherry Fruit Yogurt
1/2 Ezekiel English Muffin
1 T. Marantha no stir Almond Butter

Claories:  305
Carbs:  37
Fat:  11
Protein:  17

Total for Day:

Calories 908, Carbs 82 g , Fat 40g, Protein/64 g

Lunch 9/29

Calories:  246
Carbs:  16 g
Fat:  13 g
Protein:  19 g
Romain Lettuce
6 Cherub Tomatoes
1/4 Red Pepper
2 oz. Low Sodium Turkey Breast
1 T. Briana's French Vinaigarette
1 oz. Cabot 50% Less Fat Cheddar*
1/3 of a LARGE Honeycrisp Apple*

Ate my dessert first... apple and cheese not pictured!  :)

B'fast 9/29

Calories:  356
Carbs:  29 g
Fat: 16 g
Protein: 28 g
1 egg, 2 egg whites
1/2 C. Spinach
2 T. F&W Salsa Verde Ranchera
1/4 C. 2% Cottage Cheese
1/2 Ezekiel English Muffin
1 T. Smucker's SF Preserves (Apricot)
6 T. Organic Half-n-Half for Coffee

Going to try this picture food journal thing...

Training/Technical Thoughts about Redman 70.3

Time to reflect on the technical side of the race.  As a first-time 70.3 racer and 2nd year triathlete, I don't expect to be finishing super-duper fast, but I do expect to see improvement from race-to-race.  So the goal is to look at what I did right and where I can improve for next time.

Oh, yeah... next time.  :)
Memorial Herman Ironman 70.3 Texas - April 10, 2011

And, if anyone wants to join me for the weekend of craziness, but not the distance, they have a sprint too!

Back to business...

Pre-race nutrition
Got so busy during the day with the added drive around the bike course and taking Denise to the LBS for water bottle cages time and opportunities to eat just got away from me -- I did hydrate though!  Quite honestly Friday was a nutrition fail for me and I hate to admit it because that's the one thing I had total control of.  By the time we had dinner Friday night I felt nauseous and like I had low blood-sugar (which I haven't felt in over 3 years!)  I ate 3 bites of…

My First 70.3 - 2010 Redman Half Iron-distance Triathlon

Packet Pickup went according to plan and was very easy. It was a nice, smooth process and nowhere near as chaotic as picking up for the Oly at Ironman’s Lonestar 70.3 last year.

After we checked in our bikes we participated in the athlete meeting then headed back to the hotel. Our family and friends and 1 of our coaches, Melanie, were due to arrive at the hotel. We planned an early dinner then early to bed. Everyone arrived and I was glad to see Hubs and Cass. Incidentally it was Cass’ birthday!

Let’s just say the best laid plans can fail. I’m not sure why we thought getting a table for 9 was a good idea on the Friday night, before the race, at an Olive Garden restaurant right near the race host hotel. Us and 1,000 other triathletes were in search of carbohydrates for dinner! We called around and found that Zio’s had no wait. We drove 4 miles down the road only to find they also had a 1:30 wait… they misinformed us on the phone. We waited a while, but by now my sugar was gett…

Redman 70.3 -- The Pre-race Report (Cuz I'm Geeky like that!)

So we hit the road around 7:40. Had some issues to deal with before leaving, so we departed a little later than originally planned.  The race wheels I'm using were too deep for the strap on my bike rack, so I had to change back to my old wheels for the trip.  Later, I would figure out if I just turned the bike the other way, it would have solved the problem.  Doh!

We had an entire itinerary planned.... down to the hour.  No. Really, we did, because once again, I'm geeky like that... and my coaches encouraged it.

The drive was fairly uneventful.. all except running 4 toll booths in Dallas.  Neither me or Hombre could figure out where we needed to get off to use the loser-without-a-toll-tag lane.  :P  Already we were running from the law!  Hombre refused to be Thelma to my Louise -- I think he thought his legs were more like Louise's

We stopped just North of Dallas at Central Market and loaded up on some yogurt, snacks and a sandwich so we would have some in-room-nutrition …

Wow! It's Race Week!

To day is my "Friday" at work, but it's every bit of a Monday.  I have a feeling that anything that can go wrong, will, just to test.  I came into work this morning and our phones were down, as per the norm for this dilapidated area whenever it rains.  It's just a constant fight between us and AT&T.

I have so much to do and in spite of prep done over the weekend, there still seems to be so much more? Why is that?  It's just a tri... only twice the length and complicated with an 8 hour drive to the location.  I don't remember River Cities being this crazy.

But, then again, this is the race I've been training for.  It's going to be great.

My last bike this weekend was wet and short.  I have no problems riding in the rain, unless there's thunder/lightening.  I was supposed to have a 2 hour right, but instead opted to shorten it to 1:20 when the skies decided to open up. Hombre was having some mechanical difficulties with his bike, so I headed bac…

Thursday Thirteen

1)  I ♥ my Garmin.  Just plugged in all the destinations I'll need OKC while there for Redman.

2)  Just had a nice lunch with Boss and Boss' Daughter.  I appreciate the impromptu get-togethers.  My Boss is great and I enjoy her -- she's been so busy lately, so lunch was a nice treat.

3)  Got my handlebars wrapped white and it looks great.  Balances my white saddle.  :)  If I can't BE super fast, may as well look faster than I am!

4)  My G'ade Endurance formula came in yesterday.  I can  breathe... sorta.

5)  Called to find out where the heck my suit was follow-up.  Turns out their really behind schedule and they're really not making any promises, but will "do their best."  I really got concerned when she told me, "You wanted a FULL wetsuit, right?"  Aaack!  No!!  I requested a sleeveless!!  WTF?  I have a race and called them 5 weeks ago!  Fortunately I found another wetsuit online and purchased it.  Hopefully I can just…


That's the countdown to Redman 70.3.  Yikes!

I've got several things I need to get together and get done:
Brake pads for cabon race wheels installed (my awesome Coach lent me his Blackwell 50 and 100!)Get handle bars re-wrapped; going white!Fix armrest pads (and pray one of the 3 sets of CeeGees Cushy's armrest pads I ordered comes in!).  These are the best arm rest pads EVER!  SO thick and SO comfy!Practice my "helpless" look in case a get a flat tubular during the race -- and pray I don't.Take a longer than 15 minute spin in the race wheels. (Wednesday)Pray my wetsuit comes in and fits; rented from  Get checklist together.Start packing.Get addresses for race logistics in GarminFind my pink wrist tu-tu (♥ Elysha).  I'll need the reminder to enjoy the experience!
My last long ride this weekend was awesome.  I nailed my nutrition, but took it a bit slower; it was my training buddy's weekend to have a bad ride.  We did 60 miles.  I ke…

(Ironman) Race Day Tips!

The following excerpt is from one of my favorites, Elizabeth Waterstratt:  IronTime.  I did not write this -- Elizabeth did.  She is a seasoned Ironman/triathlete.  I wanted to share the points she makes because I think they apply to any race, not just an Ironman, that is a challenge for you (or me!).  Plus I wanted to keep it handy to refer back to.  :)

Please, please, check out her blog and thank her for sharing!  Again... full credit goes to her -- the following is snipped from her blog.

"So here it is; a list of Ironman tips. Some are about training, some about the race itself. But the common thread that runs through all of them is the sense that to make it through 140.6 miles - whether it’s your first time or your tenth time - you need these four things: (1) Respect the distance by arriving with (and following!) a well-rehearsed plan (pacing, fueling), (2) let go of the outcome if it’s your first race (you are there to finish not race), (3) expect to overcome obstacles (alway…

This Week -- Where'd it go?

The taper has begun... or has it?  Officially it has, but doesn't quite feel like it. I feel like I've been busy training!

Yesterday I had off.  My company's owners are Jewish and observe Roshashana -- so the company is closed.  So what does any good triathlete-in-training do with a free day?  Train, of course!    I started the day with a brick in the morning and an OWS at at Twin lakes.  Also hit the local tri store to pick up some items needed for Redman.  Oh, and a convenient stop at Froberg's for some farm fresh fruits and veggies!

I finally picked up a new pair of trishorts.  It's been hard to find some comfortable tri shorts for a longer distance ride. It's not that they're not out there, I just hate spending that kind of money.  I did the same thing with cycling shorts.  Bought several pairs of less expensive shorts then finally convinced myself to drop $100+ for some good ones and it totally changed the way I felt about cycling, for the better.

The …

Like a Rollercoaster...

Not only do you go through physical highs and lows, but the emotional too. I don't initially handle either well.  I generally need time to absorb, process and reflect. 

This was a tough, but in the end, rewarding weekend.  I know you have to have the bad training days to keep you right-in-the-head , because you never want to take anything for granted.  There are no up-your-sleeve tricks in triathlon you can just pull-out on race day. You want to be confident, but not over-confident. 

My swim Friday night was supposed to be a continuous swim for 45 minutes.  I felt like a dead-weight in the water.  It was just awful. I couldn't rotate, couldn't breathe... all I did was drag my a$$ like a tugboat for an amazing 1800 yds. 

On Saturday I had my longest training ride -- it was 5 hours.  I knew I wasn't feeling right to start, and even commented to Hombre, " might have to pull me along this morning."  It was, to say the least, a craptastick ride which ende…

Thursday Thirteen

Can't think of a clever topic, so this week it's totally random...

1)  That whole darned experience of volunteering and spectating at Ironman Louisville was amazing.  I'm excited to v'teer for IMTX -- I want to be a "catcher" in the Finisher's chute and assist the athletes when they cross the line.

2)  Why are Ironman-branded events soooo much money? 

3)  Mel executed a smart race.  She walked the talk.  She did everything she's been telling us in training all along, and that is leading by example.  I got so lucky to find such great (and affordable!) coaches.  I can only hope for half the patience Mel had during her race.  And trust me, I'm praying.

4)   Why do so-called friends have to say hurtful things?  In jest, or not, some things are just off limits.  It's time I eliminate people like this from my life.  I can't change them, but I can certainly leave them behind.  And for YOUR sake, I hope you read this and it hurts, because what y…

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