That's the countdown to Redman 70.3.  Yikes!

I've got several things I need to get together and get done:
  • Brake pads for cabon race wheels installed (my awesome Coach lent me his Blackwell 50 and 100!)
  • Get handle bars re-wrapped; going white!
  • Fix armrest pads (and pray one of the 3 sets of CeeGees Cushy's armrest pads I ordered comes in!).  These are the best arm rest pads EVER!  SO thick and SO comfy!
  • Practice my "helpless" look in case a get a flat tubular during the race -- and pray I don't.
  • Take a longer than 15 minute spin in the race wheels. (Wednesday)
  • Pray my wetsuit comes in and fits; rented from wetsuitrentals.com. 
  • Get checklist together.
  • Start packing.
  • Get addresses for race logistics in Garmin
  • Find my pink wrist tu-tu (♥ Elysha).  I'll need the reminder to enjoy the experience!

My last long ride this weekend was awesome.  I nailed my nutrition, but took it a bit slower; it was my training buddy's weekend to have a bad ride.  We did 60 miles.  I kept heart rate down, even though for stretches I really could have gone easily faster.  I just kept thinking to myself, "On race day I still have to run after the bike."

I'm coming to terms with not setting a goal, other than to finish.  The blog post I snipped and shared from one of my favorites really hit home.  For the most part I'm okay, but a little nervous, however there is a part of me that is confident I will finish, but I want to have fun.  Coach says, "the race is like a victory lap after all the training!"

My BFF just decided this week that she was coming to my race!  I'm so excited! Also, one of my coaches, Melanie, is coming... along with another tri club member.  I'm getting excited!


  1. I'm coming to love the swish swish sound of race wheels! To me, it sounds like Jaws music coming up behind me :)

    Do they have an atlhete tracker online? So fun to have support!!!

    I'm excited for you

  2. you will always hear my golf clap in the background

  3. thanks for the bottle suggestiion- heading to the trek store to check it out


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