Like a Rollercoaster...

Not only do you go through physical highs and lows, but the emotional too. I don't initially handle either well.  I generally need time to absorb, process and reflect. 

This was a tough, but in the end, rewarding weekend.  I know you have to have the bad training days to keep you right-in-the-head , because you never want to take anything for granted.  There are no up-your-sleeve tricks in triathlon you can just pull-out on race day. You want to be confident, but not over-confident. 

My swim Friday night was supposed to be a continuous swim for 45 minutes.  I felt like a dead-weight in the water.  It was just awful. I couldn't rotate, couldn't breathe... all I did was drag my a$$ like a tugboat for an amazing 1800 yds. 

On Saturday I had my longest training ride -- it was 5 hours.  I knew I wasn't feeling right to start, and even commented to Hombre, " might have to pull me along this morning."  It was, to say the least, a craptastick ride which ended with me calling my husband to SAG me in at 3:30 and 52 miles in.  From mile 30, I was light-headed and had absolutely no power in my legs.  My quads burned, but my heart rate was fine!  Nothing made sense.  My nutrition on the bike was great... but I did change-up my breakfast a little -- but I doubt it's what caused me to tank.

It goes without saying that these kinds of occurrences can really affect confidence with just 2.5 weeks before the biggest race of your life.  And yeah, as I obliged myself the need to SAG and sent my training buddy on his merry way, I planted my a$$ on the sidewalk right in front of the local Nursing home, sobbed, texted my coach and waited for my Husband to collect me and my dignity.   

Damn, I'm such a wuss (even if only for those few minutes).  I'm glad that it's generally just a momentary lapse of strength and belief in my self.  In the end it typically turns out to be a good thing.  It makes me mentally stronger.  Truthfully, I haven't had a training ride like that EVER, so I should consider myself lucky?

On Sunday morning I was supposed to do my 2 hour long run.  My plan was to volunteer for chip pick-up  and then run on the course for 2 hours.  That morning it was finally obviously why Friday and Saturday were so bad.  :P  With gastro issues, I decided to pass on the run and leave it for Monday when I was off.

On Monday I hit the pavement around 11am for my run.  I figured, may as well do it then since that's about the time I'll be running at Redman.  I really wasn't sure how this run would go, since I had a party at my house the night before, and had gotten up extra-early to be at the tri.  I also knew I wasn't completely hydrated from the day before either.  I went anyway, and with a positive attitude.

The first hour was good... was able to keep my heart rate in-range.  It was a little humid and quite warms still but I had waaaay worse runs.  I did stop to help someone with their bike chain and ran out of hydration.  I called Hubs and he delivered some Water/Nuun and G'ade Endurance to me on my run course. He's awesome, huh?  :)  I am super-lucky to have such a supportive family!

At about 1:15 in, it started pouring rain.  At first I was like, "sh*t!", but then I enjoyed the coolness of it.  I actually caught myself smiling a couple times as I slogged through the puddles.  I was feeling really good and realized my 155 heart-rate felt like 135 and I was running well!  I definitely negative split my long run and ran the last two miles without my walk intervals at a good clip.  It was the first time all Summer I ran a 13-something pace.  I haven't done that since last year in the Fall!  I can only hope for a nice, dry and cool day for Redman.

About 2 hours after I ran, I hit the pool for an easy 30 minute swim for 1800 yds.. that's more like it. :)

In short (or not so short) the great run made up for a sh*tty ride and I'm feeling more positive.

18 days... 18 DAYS!!!!!

I'm renting a wetsuit from Wetsuit Rentals  I can't wait for it to arrive.  They're sending me a Quintanna Roo, sleeveless.  QR actually does lengths and are sending me a men's short -- I'm excited.  Hopefully I'll get it today!


  1. Hey Donna,
    have you found another that works better, or is the MC bra still what you"d reccomend for under a wet suit.
    I swam today in a nike bra and felt like it was a rope around my chest.
    I'm doing the new "Tri Rock" this weekend and really need to find a bra for under top :)

    I just love being in the rain. I'm glad your run turned out as it did

  2. Hey Sharla, the Moving Comfort Maia and Juno are still my two favorites. The Maia is definitely dependable friend and I wear it all the time. I wear both under my tri jersey. I have found that Juno isn't great for super long swims further than a mile. You should get one quickly and try it out before race day. Everyone is soooo different. I had one girl try the Juno and it rubbed her collar bone raw!

  3. Thanks Donna!

    The bra was ok, but the tri top is a no go ! it felt like is sucked up and was like saran wrap, so I'm going with my normal Lands End top and will throw tri jersey on over it once out of the water

  4. Hey, whatever works for you, you know? Tri tops are supposed to fit you like a swimsuit top. I hate that about them. LOL


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