Redman 70.3 -- The Pre-race Report (Cuz I'm Geeky like that!)

So we hit the road around 7:40. Had some issues to deal with before leaving, so we departed a little later than originally planned.  The race wheels I'm using were too deep for the strap on my bike rack, so I had to change back to my old wheels for the trip.  Later, I would figure out if I just turned the bike the other way, it would have solved the problem.  Doh!

We had an entire itinerary planned.... down to the hour.  No. Really, we did, because once again, I'm geeky like that... and my coaches encouraged it.

The drive was fairly uneventful.. all except running 4 toll booths in Dallas.  Neither me or Hombre could figure out where we needed to get off to use the loser-without-a-toll-tag lane.  :P  Already we were running from the law!  Hombre refused to be Thelma to my Louise -- I think he thought his legs were more like Louise's

We stopped just North of Dallas at Central Market and loaded up on some yogurt, snacks and a sandwich so we would have some in-room-nutrition and could eat a reasonably healthy lunch while driving -- I wanted to beat the Denton traffic on 35 -- ugh!

The whole way we're texting with Mel and Chris.  They recently went to a USAT coaching seminar where someone suggested having their athletes send them pictures of their food as a way to journal food. You might imagine we were having fun with that... mostly pictures of Hombre stuffing his pie-hole though and one of me sitting buddy-buddy with a life size statue of Ronald McDonald, suggesting where I'd be getting my pre-race nutrition from.  Okay, you know me better. Not really.

Outside of that, we obsessed about the race and our plans. Evidently Hombre's plan is top-secret (and kept in a folder with a picture of a Pug puppy on it???), as he kept hiding it from me.  We continued to talk convincing ourselves we were going to be okay with however things went... and really, we were, for as much as someone can comfortably admit it's okay to possibly, maybe not be, as super-awesome as you hoped.  "Remember, it's about the experience and finishing." 

This race will be a baseline. We can only go up from here.  Right? Right.

So the next morning was our "scheduled" open water swim. I got up according to plan, had my nutrition and tried on both wetsuits again.  I wore them both for a while in my hotel room... even surfed Facebook in one!  I still didn't want to buy one, so I was determined to make the rental work.  I knew already which one fit better.  Ugh! 

I have to say, the one reason I like training with Hombre is because when he says he's going to be ready, he's ready. He's on time... all the time.  It was no surprise he was in the lobby waiting at 6:30 for our trek to the lake.  As soon as we walked outside we felt the wind, "Woah!"  At the moment we had not thought about what it would mean for the lake.

We took the "scenic' route in the darkness and an extra couple miles to find the entrance.  It was still dark, but we could tell we were in the right place -- volunteers were setting up and since it appeared we were at a wetsuit runway show, we figured we were in the right place.  As the sun came up we saw the water, and like Usher sings, "OMG!"

Wind was high and the water was white capping.  It looked like Galveston!  We were taken a bit by surprise.  After a mini-freak-out, we collected ourselves and made it fun.  In all actuality it did turn-out to be great fun!  I really enjoyed it, once I figured out how to navigate the waves.

We had a quick breakfast and then headed out to the bike course.  The course is laid out in two 28 mile loops, so 1 loop is 14 out and 14 back.  It's kind of nice to have that manageable distance in your head, even if it means you're doing it 4 times.  We decided to go out to the turnaround and start from there.

By this time the wind had worsened.  Hombre, being the engineer he is, estimated that they were Category 1 winds of 35-40 mph now.  All I know is I've never heard wind howl o'er the plains like that before, nor have I have been threatened with being pushed completely over on the bike, and I'm no light-weight!  If I had to equate the course to another race, it's similar to day 1 of the MS150.  Rolling hills, with several bigger and longer climbs, but I don't think anything that's going to be traumatic, but definitely challenging.  I felt good knowing what to expect after inspecting the course.

I felt solid all the way around from the swim, bike and run.  The next day we'd do the last couple miles of the run course and take some time for race visualization.

The remainder of the day was spent chillaxing and going over maps and race plan... and a nap!

>>  Fast Forwared to Friday....

Another tri club friend made it out to OKC and we took her to the OWS clinic and Hombre and I did our 30 minute easy run.  It was a good run and I took the opportunity to run the the last couple miles of the course.  My run, itself, was okay -- nothing that felt like my last two runs though.  I didn't let it bother me.  We collected Denise from her OWS and took her to cruise the bike course.

The rest of the day we gathered and prepped to check our bikes in.  Later, our family and friends would arrive.

To be continued....


  1. I can't wait to hear about your awesome event day!

  2. Looking forward to part 2

    The picture with Ronald was very funny-sure your coaches got a kick out of that ove


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