This Week -- Where'd it go?

The taper has begun... or has it?  Officially it has, but doesn't quite feel like it. I feel like I've been busy training!

Yesterday I had off.  My company's owners are Jewish and observe Roshashana -- so the company is closed.  So what does any good triathlete-in-training do with a free day?  Train, of course!    I started the day with a brick in the morning and an OWS at at Twin lakes.  Also hit the local tri store to pick up some items needed for Redman.  Oh, and a convenient stop at Froberg's for some farm fresh fruits and veggies!

I finally picked up a new pair of trishorts.  It's been hard to find some comfortable tri shorts for a longer distance ride. It's not that they're not out there, I just hate spending that kind of money.  I did the same thing with cycling shorts.  Bought several pairs of less expensive shorts then finally convinced myself to drop $100+ for some good ones and it totally changed the way I felt about cycling, for the better.

The only silver lining is that I generally buy men's, so now my Husband almost has a pair of tri shorts for each day of the week!  :)

So I finally got some 2XU Endurance Tri Shorts.  They even looked different on the hanger -- they had a distinct ergonomic shape and they are women's.  I tried them on and never had a pad fit so perfectly the first time.  No tugging or pulling into place.  They worked well for the swim and I will try them biking today and for my long bike on Sunday.  Here's hoping they do the trick!

I also had to get a new pair of running shoes.  I thought I needed at least a mild stability shoe, but the arch support is just in the wrong place for my foot.  So after trying 8 pair, the salesperson said, "That's it, I'm putting you back in a Neutral shoe."  Okay... she's the professional.  I had stayed away from Asics because I blew my toe through my first two pairs in less than 3 months.  Well, as turns out I needed a size-and-a-half larger for proper fit!  (Running shoes should be larger than your street shoe size!)  So again I tried on a half dozen pairs of neutral shoes and they just weren't quite right.  I said to the salesperson, if I was to try the Asics again, which one would you put me in?  She said the Cumulus or the Nimbus.  I said reluctantly, let me give them a try.  As soon as I put the Cumulus on, it was like air  (unlike my Mizunos, these have gel in the forefoot) -- so I went home with the Asics Cumulus 12.  :)  My first run in them was pretty good, except that it takes me several runs to get my Yanks in the right position; tight enough to keep my shoe on, but loose enough so that my feet don't fall asleep.  I'm optimistic these are going to work. 

So that's it.  I'm counting down the days to Redman and otherwise helping Hubs get his scheduled training in and still keep mine going.  He's doing his first Du October 10th.  Whoohooo!  

Still waiting on my wetsuit from wetsuit rentals.  I'm a little nervous about it.  Ugh!


  1. good luck Donna!

    I just got my first expensive pair of cycling shorts. I too could not stand the thought of the price…but my husband is good like that and knew I needed them!

    I got new shoes too. I got a stability shoe and I thought I needed a neutral heel, so hm, now you've got me rethinking it…which running store do you use? know what ya mean about the Yankz!

  2. thanks for the encouragement! I was able to calm down and went for a swim to chill out!

    I just got new shoes on Monday. All the shops had great Labor Day sales, but I forgot to get a new pair of yanks for them, just bought for bike shoes. I guess I'll be grabbing some in the morning :)

  3. @silken I go to On The Run in Clear Lake.

    @Sharla I'm glad you were able to finally relax :) I know the feeling all too well. It's always easier to talk someone else "down", than it is to collect myself sometimes! :) I'm not sure I would Yanks for race day (unless you know you don't have a problem with them). It can take a couple days of running to get them adjusted right -- at least for many people.

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