Thursday Thirteen

Can't think of a clever topic, so this week it's totally random...

1)  That whole darned experience of volunteering and spectating at Ironman Louisville was amazing.  I'm excited to v'teer for IMTX -- I want to be a "catcher" in the Finisher's chute and assist the athletes when they cross the line.

2)  Why are Ironman-branded events soooo much money? 

3)  Mel executed a smart race.  She walked the talk.  She did everything she's been telling us in training all along, and that is leading by example.  I got so lucky to find such great (and affordable!) coaches.  I can only hope for half the patience Mel had during her race.  And trust me, I'm praying.

4)   Why do so-called friends have to say hurtful things?  In jest, or not, some things are just off limits.  It's time I eliminate people like this from my life.  I can't change them, but I can certainly leave them behind.  And for YOUR sake, I hope you read this and it hurts, because what you said was thoughtless and unkind -- you gave no regard to how it could impact other people.

5)  You might not like it that I have good, solid and trusting relationships with my family and friends, and therefore feel the need to conspire negatively upon me.  I've reached out to you over and over again. You rarely ever reciprocated, and when you did it was always on your terms.  Another reason to leave you behind.

6)  Why did I waste numbers 4 and 5?

7)  I really wish there was a transporter like on Star Trek.  I'd be spending some quality time with family and friends.

8)  Cassie is doing well in school.  Still all "green", which means she's been a good little egg.  She starts dance next week at her old dance school, which she loved and had more fun at.  I'm excited she'll have fun again.

9)  Oh!  That reminds me... need to check on Swim lessons for Cassie.  My little fish can swim 5 laps of the pool's width!  I'm bartering babysitting for swim lessons for Hubs --and concurrently save us from divorce by having Mel teach him instead of me. :)

10)  Party at my pad this weekend in celebration of Mel's finish.  Gonna be a busy weekend.  I have a 5 hour ride on Saturday, on Sunday I'm volunteering for chip pick-up at a race, then a 2 hour run, then party prep!

11)  I need new running shoes.  Started with Mizuno Wave Nirvanna but they over-corrected and caused me IT band issues.  I switched to Mizuno Wave Creation and they worked for me.  Now, either my gait has changed or the construction of the shoe has changed (probably my gait), but I need to go back to a stability shoe.  Not as strong as the Nirvanna.  Considering the Brooks Ravenna or Adrenaline.

12)  Need to make a list of things I have to get done before Redman. Bike needs some love, car needs an oil change.... blah, blah, blah.

13)  I wish today was Friday.

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  1. Friendships are hard and relationships can be brutal. Some of my best moves have been to move away from people who did not have any interest in me, except for a punching bag, verbal or otherwise. It takes courage to take care of yourself, so bravo you!

  2. What do you mean by Redman? That is my last name! Your 13 list is done in the spirit of the founder's idea, a stream of consciousness like the once popular 100 Things About me blog meme.

  3. Colleen, Redman is a triathlon in Oklahoma City I'm doing the half-iron distance, 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running. :)

  4. 4 #4 has troubled me my entire life. I have a friend who is not bi polar but can turn on a dime.I am told even in the bible we are told to rid ourselves of toxic people I always think I can change them !! sandy

  5. 4 & 5 trouble everyone.

    Sometimes it helps to think that you aren't ditching the person forever. You are simply backing away from someone until they learn to be less toxic.

    They get to decide when you can resume your friendship. As soon as they behave in a supportive way, you'll be there. As long as they decide to be toxic, you are unavailable to them.


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