Thursday Thirteen

1)  I ♥ my Garmin.  Just plugged in all the destinations I'll need OKC while there for Redman.

2)  Just had a nice lunch with Boss and Boss' Daughter.  I appreciate the impromptu get-togethers.  My Boss is great and I enjoy her -- she's been so busy lately, so lunch was a nice treat.

3)  Got my handlebars wrapped white and it looks great.  Balances my white saddle.  :)  If I can't BE super fast, may as well look faster than I am!

4)  My G'ade Endurance formula came in yesterday.  I can  breathe... sorta.

5)  Called to find out where the heck my suit was follow-up.  Turns out their really behind schedule and they're really not making any promises, but will "do their best."  I really got concerned when she told me, "You wanted a FULL wetsuit, right?"  Aaack!  No!!  I requested a sleeveless!!  WTF?  I have a race and called them 5 weeks ago!  Fortunately I found another wetsuit online and purchased it.  Hopefully I can just return it when the rental arrives, but I have to have something, just in case.  I feel way better knowing I have a back-up plan!

6)  My training buddy is getting as neurotic as me, pre-race.  He's okay though.  He's only reconsidering his entire technical approach to riding his bike :o

7)  Air conditioning is on back at work.  No need to wear Body Glide daily.  Whew!

8)  I'm really at peace with not worrying about the things I can't control.  This is progress.

9)  I'm thinking about trying acupuncture for allergies/sinus issues.

10)  Volunteering at a Kids triathlon this weekend. Hubs first race is in 3 weeks and now Cassie tells me she wants to do the kids race the same day, right after Hubs is done.  :)

11)  It is scary how quickly you can forget technical stuff.  I really worry that if the day comes I have to leave where I work, I'll be so technically behind the curve that I'll be back on Help Desk!  And yes... it's THAT bad -- especially now when we're not spending money on technology.  I can't get any new "toys".

12)  Oh!  Don't forget my Calcium.  :::tossing it back now:::

13)  English Bulldogs are on my mind still as an option for a family pet. 

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  1. Good luck Donna!
    Hope you have a fun race!

  2. Kudos for changing your life. I hope you do well in your race.

  3. Yep- can't forget to take the calcium...

    Have a great Thursday!


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