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So for Redman my plan was to RENT a wetsuit, and I did just that.  Well, in the end, not "just."  Unfortunately there was some miscommunication and I didn't receive the wetsuit until the Friday evening before I would leave for Redman on the next Wednesday.  I was supposed to have it a week-and-half earlier, so that if I had any fit issues there would be time enough to resolve them.

When I still had not received the wetsuit a week before my race I followed up.  I got super nervous when the lady stated, "I have you down for a full wetsuit."

To which I replied, "Ummm, no."

I wasn't feeling very warm and fuzzy.

They also didn't have me down for receiving it early, and she went on to tell me she would "do her best" to get it out to me, but that returns were slow.  

I couldn't help but think, "Do your best?"  "WTF?"  "I have the biggest race I've ever committed to... I don't know if your "best" is going to be good enough."

After I got off the phone with them I immediately scoured the Internet for a wetsuit.  I found myself on the phone with Mike from justwetsuits.com.  Mike was super helpful with trying to decide what wetsuit would fit best. 

I'm not going to name the wetsuit rental company because they were super nice and I truly believe they were experiencing circumstances beyond their control, in that people were not returning wetsuits promptly.  They were pulling their hair out trying to make do with what they had.  True, rentals are their business, but if their stock isn't returned timely, what are they going to do, right?

I will chalk my experience up as as a miscommunication, which can happen.  In the end they have refunded my rental fee AND offered me a coupon for a free rental!  Boy am I glad I got a backup!

But back to justwetsuits.com.  Mike was great!  He was real knowledgeable as to how all the different brands of wetsuits fit.  He wasn't comfortable fitting me with what the rental place wanted to give me and really made a strong case of going with the Zoot Fuzion.  I really didn't worry about his choice too much (but I did really want a QR), because my full wetsuit is a Zoot Fuzion as well, just a previous year's model.  Also few vendors make them in lengths.  Orca used to, but QR and Zoot still do.  I definitely needed a men's/short.

Of course it arrived and fit perfectly.  No problems whatsoever.  Mike was prompt about getting it in the mail to me and it actually arrived the same day as the rental.  I took both with me to Redman.

Though the rental 2XU fit super-snug, I knew I could probably get away with it, but there was also a strange rub between the legs. Hmmmm?  When we got to Redman and I saw the water conditions at our pre-race OWS, I decided, "screw it!"  I wasn't going to wear something I was unsure about and have that be a problem as well.  I sucked it up and ripped the tags off the Zoot.  Now I own it!

So, if you're in the market for a wetsuit... please, contact Mike at http://www.justwetsuits.com .  Just wetsuits is a family run business. Two of them are IM finishers themselves, and all are passionate about triathlon


  1. I"ll be giving him a call!
    I tore my wetsuit again and have to say I wasn't too upset about it as it never fit right in the chest area making the rest was too big, in order to get the girls in

    How do you decide when to wear sleeves or not?
    Thinking about Las Vegas or the new 5150 in Utah and my brother had heat issues in the lake there. We don"t have issues with water being too warm here :)

  2. Sharla, make sure you tell him I sent you over! :)

    I don't have a science to it, but I look at the outdoor temp too. Like for Redman it was warmer than I was used too, but the water was going to be wetsuit legal. I decided, for fear of overheating, that I would go with a sleeveless. If it's between November and the beginning of April, it's definitely a full for me.


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