Lost at Home!

Thanks for the messages.  I'm okay!

I came down with sinus thing that was bugging me pretty badly.  It took me out of action for about a week.  In spite of it I tried to run anyway, but those runs turned into walks; at least I was out.

This past Tuesday was the first "real" workout I was able to do.  It was track and I had 3 x 1 mile repeats at half-marathon pace. I'm targeting a 5:45 finish so that's about a 13:15 pace.  I ran at my max heartrate on all three and did a 12:05, 12:30 and 13:03.   Nice times for me, but fastermy half-marathon pace.  I know I'll get this pacing thing down... eventually.

This weekend I'm running in the first warm-up race for the Houston Marathon (even though I didn't get in to the actual marathon... no, not bitter... MUCH). It's the Koala/Luke's Locker Houston Half Marthon and Relay.  I'm doing the Half Marathon.  Last year I relayed and I was sick-as-a-dog!  I don't feel like I've been training much coming off Redman, so I'm just praying I won't feel miserable throughout the run.

There's a new course this year, so I'm excited about that.  I prefer 1 large loop, as opposed to multiple loops of the same course when it comes to running.  Guess I'm just weird like that.  

My coaches gave me a plan to use to help figure out my overall strategy for the marathon.  I'lll do the first 5 miles at 5:1 intervals, the next 5 miles at 4:1 intervals and then the last 5k intervals at every 1/2 mile.  I'm supposed to do this at an "easy" pace... faster than a long run, but not hard.   Yeah.... I get it.  Sorta.  I'll take splits and we'll figure out from there what the best interval should be for me.  Recently I started doing all my long runs with a 1 minute walk at the half mile mark, instead of using time.

My Chiro has a strength training facility in her practice, which also hosts a branch of Crossfit.  I met with her yesterday to detect my imbalances and come up with a strength plan I can implement during the week.  So I've got a plan now and will start next week with 2 days a week and will add a 3rd in shortly thereafter.  It's going to be great and will help ensure I remain injury free and strong.  :)  I'm looking forward to adding it in.


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