Thursday 13

1)  So I get a text from my coach yesterday, "Are you ready to be a runner?"  I'm sorta already throwing up in my mouth at the thought of my first full marathon.

2)  Speaking of running... I have a half-marathon exactly 17 days.  Again, what was I thinking so close to Redman?  I just want some more  downtime.  I think.

3)  The new 5150 Triathlon series -- 5150 = police code for escaped lunatic.

4)  It's been nice being home and not training so much :) 

5)  I came home to a completely clean house yesterday.  Soooo nice!  I'm totally grateful I can have help.

6)  Cassie is doing great in school.  She went 7 weeks all "green".  She came home yesterday with her first "yellow" for behavior (she interrupts the teacher during directions).  You would have thought she lost her puppy (if she had one).  I was both disappointed and proud.  Proud because it was the first thing she told me and she wasn't afraid to tell me the truth.

7)  My food blogging is probably boring.  I just realized what a boring eater I am.

8)  I haven't made chicken parm in years.  I made a "light" version last night and it was awesome.

9)  There is really, Really, REALLY gross stuff on the Internet.

10) My CoQ10 dots don't seem to dissolve like my B12 dots.

11)  Number 10 reminded me to take my Calcium

12)  It's ironic that for someone who only too meds when it was absolutely necessary that I have a menu of meds for this thyroid BS. 

13)  I go home in 27 minutes. :)

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  1. 5150- trying to decide between Las Vegas or Provo- waiting for a course map :)

    I have Hashimotos/hypothyroid- I think I'm missing out on some supplements- I only take levo ???

    LOVE that your daughter came right to you!!!!

    Chuckled at #1 :)


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