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Back to Journaling...

Back to journaling... I'm blowing my Sodium (Na) intake out of the water, without even realizing it.  For me, this makes a difference with water retention.  This is an ongoing problem if you're one who is hormonally challenged like me.  When I see I've blown my Na intake for the day it's surprising, because I think I eat well.  I rarely add table salt to the foods I eat in general (like what you see here).  When I cook from scratch (and I mean more than making a salad) of course I use it... I don't think I go overboard... unless it's an accident.  LOL

I was surprised to learn how much sodium is in cheeses!  I knew deli meat was bad, but even low sodium deli meat has a ton.  Since we can't avoid everything, we just have to make daily choices.

I would be curious to know where my food stacks up on the new Weight Watchers plan.  I've heard a ton about it.  Personally I had a lot of success on Weight Watchers years ago.  I think it's a great way to chan…

Happy Monday!

Wow!   4 days off gave me and my family lots of time to be productive.  It was all good and we were super-duper productive!

I did my 10K on Turkey Day and it was a good race for me, in spite of it being a little warmer than I would have liked.  I stuck to my plan and raced my race.  I wasn't lightening fast, but I finished in 1:24

After, a bunch of my "BAMily" (my husband's term for my tri club friends) came over for breakfast.  I made an egg casserole, among other things, and we shared a meal together.  It was fun and I got my cooking-for-Thanksgiving fix in :)  Later we headed to the brother of our best friend's house for the official Thanksgiving meal.

We opted to stay away from Black Friday shopping and instead visited Dewberry Farm and picked out our Christmas Tree.  She is very pretty, and probably very over priced, but Cassie really enjoys visiting and picking our own tree (Okay, so do Mom and Dad).

We pretty much spent Saturday and Sunday putting up the t…

Last Ironman finisher is the real winner

Last Ironman finisher is the real winner

When people ask my why I love triathlon, a big part of my answer is, the people.  I love how the age groupers, like me, can race in the same event with professionals.  I mean, where else could I chit-chat with Dave Scott before a race?  Just another example here...

Last Ironman finisher is the real winnerBy Bob Young, The Arizona Republic

Rather than watch the Cardinals lose - again - on Sunday, we decided it might be fun to watch a winner in town at Ford Ironman Arizona.

Chrissie Wellington is dominating long-course triathlon like Roger Federer, Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong dominated their sport at the top of their game.

Wellington covered the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run in 8 hours, 36 minutes, 13 seconds, the fastest time ever by a woman in an Ironman branded race.

She's never lost at the distance, won three consecutive world championships before illness kept her from st…

The Champion

On mental side of running....

It's from the Complete Book of Running edited by Amby Burfoot "The make up of a Champion"

Champions share many characteristics, none of which are determined by their running speeds.

A champion...

...has the courage to risk failure, knowing that setbacks are lessons to learn from.
...uses a race to gain greater self-knowledge as well as feedback on physical improvement.
...trains thought processes as well as the body to produce a total approach to performance.
...understands his\her athletic weaknesses and trains to strengthen them.
...actively creates a life of balance, moderation, and simplicity-values that help improve running and life.
...views competitors as partners who provide challenge and the chance to improve.
...understands that running performances are like a roller coaster, with many ups and downs, and that you have to accept both the good and the bad.
...enjoys running for the simple pleasures it provides.
...has vision. A champion dreams …

Turkey Day Thursday Thirteen

1)  Even though I can be completely short-sighted, I have so much to be thankful for.  I'm grateful for my family; Husband, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, nieces... Darren's family too. Oh!  and my "tri" family too, who support and encourage me endlessly!

2)  I'm grateful I have a job and work for the most amazing people.  I truly am lucky to work for two folks who are chock-full of integrity, compassion and honesty.  Plus the job hleps to have the means to keep doing a past-time I enjoy.  Triathlon can be "spendy!"

3)  I'm grateful I have the sense to know when I'm not right and the courage to admit it. 

4)  I'm thankful for all the virtual folks I've met via my blog.  Some I've had the opportunity to meet in "real-life."  What a treat!  Know that we were all meant to cross paths for some reason. 

5)  I'm not exactly happy with the family situation this year, but I have to keep in mind…

The Thankful Healthy Blogger (Virtual) 5K

Via Twitter I stumbled across a blog, A Journey to Thin.  I loved the idea she had to motivate folks to get up and move on Thanksgiving. Not everyone is up to walking, or even running a official 5K or 10K, but that doesn't mean folks can't get up and move at their own pace -- so I really appreciate the premise.

All you have to do is run or walk a 5K on Thanksgiving.  That's just 3.1 miles, or an hour of easy-paced walking.  Heck!  You'll do more than that shopping on Black Friday!  Check the details out in her blog (click the badge), because there's also a giveaway associated with this virtual race. :)

I'm actually running a 10K for Thanksgiving and my Kiddo will get in on the action with the Kid K.

So, go on... earn that piece of pumpkin pie. :)

Fab Find! New Balance Control Capri 2.0

I've been in the market for running tights/capris with the cooler weather approaching.  I found the New Balance Control Capri 2.0 at one of my favorite sites, Two Roads Fitness, and was excited that they offered them in an XXL.

I went for an almost 9 mile run today and they were very comfortable. I feel the sizing is just right.  The XXL will truly fit a 16/18 comfortably, and not because they are stretched paper-thin. Tights, in general, aren't that flattering, but when I put these on, even my Husband commented how they seemed, "to hold everything in."  Good thing, since I have a lot of everything.  :)

I love the waist band - not to tight, not to lose and not completely dependent upon the using the drawstring. Truly what thrills me most is that they are not low-rise!!!  I'm so tired of low-rise running bottoms. Really?  Is it comfortable?  I can't imagine running a half marathon with my shorts right above my booty crack the entire time! 

You can't tell …

National UnFriend Day

Thursday 13

1)  I hit track last night.  Did okay, was shooting for 13:15, 12:45, 12:15 and 12, but wound up with 12:30, 12:29, 11:49, 11:54.  I didn't think it was a good workout, since I had got out too fast.  I was supposed to start at half marathon pace and descend.  Can't say it wasn't a good, hard workout though. :)

2)  I'm feeling a better after yesterday's release

3)  Trying to come up with some good group breakfast ideas.  Going to have a few peeps come over for breakfast after the Turkey Trot.  Since I'm not cooking a dinner this year, this is the next best thing. :)

4)  The weather has been super nice... just a little chilly, yet still warm in the sun.

5)  We really really need to treat the lawn and re-mulch. 

6)  Cassie got her Orange belt last night.  She's a proud Kinder-ninja :)

7)  I really should be working, instead of writing a Thursday 13.  I have no focus at the moment, but a ton of stuff to do. 

8)  Boss and her Daughter just came in wearing …

What Did I Say Yesterday?

So with all the talk of surgiversary and gastric bypass not being the magic bullet, yesterday was one of those *moments* for me.  One of those moments I completely felt like I never lost a pound and found myself so self-conscious that it kept me from taking action.

I try to be positive, but I don't always win.  It occurred to me I probably don't mention the times I crash and burn as often as the times I crash, burn and get back on the plane.  There's lots of crashing and burning around here.  

Tuesdays are always a struggle to get to track.  Cassie's dance class is Tuesday, but Tuesday is the day everyone goes to track.  It's not like we workout together, but we're all there at the same time.  Darren said he'd relieve me of waiting duties at Dance so I could get to track.  Both coaches were going to be there and sent me a text, so I felt like I should make an effort to be there.

OC says, I'll run better track if people are round... I say, you don't…

4 Year Surgiversary

Today marks my 4 year surgiversary.  One thing I always said to myself when I started this blog was that I wanted to keep it real.  I wanted people who considered, or were considering, weight loss surgery to know what life is like after, and that on some days it might seem to be all butterflies and rainbows, but on others it's still a daily struggle.

Quite honestly I long for the days where I didn't even think about eating.  Yeah, those days com back -- so it makes for struggle.  Struggle that's worth it, for sure, but struggle nonetheless.  I remember just praying  post-surgery I wouldn't have to think about feeding my pie-hole ever again, in the manner of worrying about what my next meal will be?  Will it be too big?  Too small?  Enough calories?  Not enough calories?  Do I have adequate amounts of carbs... and good carbs, not "bad" carbs... oiy!  It's enough to make your head spin.

Surgery doesn't take care of all those head issues either.  For me,…

Been Bizzy and What Happened with my 25k Effort

I've been around...reading and noting but not blogging much. Really no big excuses... just busy at both home and work... and of course training.

Running has been showing signs of improvement, especially...

Oooops, hold that thought.  I'm being attacked by a Strawberry Shortcake ghost. :)
.......................................................................................................................  Okay, back.

So my Luke's Locker Half Marathon pretty much sucked a$$ in a big way.  I was bummed because it was the first time somebody's rules dictated my final outcome -- I should rephrase:  I DNF'd because I didn't make the cutoff rule and yeah, I'm responsible. :-/

The couple weeks following I had exoereienced some of of the best running I've ever done.  Maybe it was a birthday wish answered... oh, wait, that wish was my iPad! :)  even my trackwork was improving and I was turning in PR's.  I'd also changed my run intervals to half mile wa…

Best Wishes to Me!

So today is my birthday.  I turn 43.  That makes my race age 44, so in 2012 I'll be "aging up" when it comes to racing.

You know, "age is just a number." Otherwise, I feel younger than ever. I feel better than I ever did at 29 and really attribute that to my triathlon/fitness efforts.

No matter how bad a training session might be, the one goal I maintain is always achieved. To move... and move I do.I'm still holding my weight +/- a just a  few pounds on any given day (quite literally) thanks to my body's inability to balance hormones, but I'll get there... that's what Dr. B keeps telling me, "Don't give-up Kiddo!" No, really, he calls me, "Kiddo."  :)

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back in time and make the past decisions I've made in the completely opposite fashion I did, but then it would have never brought me to this point.  So while it might be a great fantasy to go back knowing what I know now, it…

Track Work

I had trackwork on my schedule for Tuesday night.  Let's just say that after my warm-up mile and 2 laps, I had to get home rather quickly to tend to some GI issues.  Blah!  It's a fact; it happens.  If you run, I dare you to say you've never been victim to a crap-attack.  :)

Anyway, I was determined to get this track workout in, as it is supposed to help us figure out a strategy and pace for my half-marathon, so I was a bit bummed things didn't workout on Tuesday.

I finally made it back to the track last night and suprised myself with a PR... or two. 

1 mile warm up
3 X 400 @ 1 min rest – 10K effort (2:55, 2:48, 2:44)
400 jog easy
2 X 1 mile fast (11:53, 12:00) <---fastest miles ever and no walking.  A PR1
400 jog easy
3 X 400 @ 1 min rest – 10K effort (2:56, 2:53:2:49)
1 mile cooldown

First, I've never run a mile non-stop at track, and rarely do I do it.  I take pre-determined walk breaks all the time.  Last night I did it twice.

Second, I've never run two …

Happy Halloweenie!

A little late, but for my Halloween festivities I had two costumes.  One I paired with my husband (he was a Gladiator and I was Athena).  The Other was my "Kona Lunch Special" or the "Last Triathlete Swimming".  And yep, I made the killer whale.  It was supposed to be a shark, but no luck finding gray felt!  LOL

I actually won "Most Creative"  LOL

Training Update

My blogging routine has been out-of-sorts lately.  I thought after Redman was done I'd have all this time, but it seems I've managed to fill it up with other stuff.

- At work it's year-end; lots of stuff to do.
- At home there's home, family and who knew there'd be so much kindergarten stuff!
- Halloween kicks off the holiday season around here. Weekends are filling fast.
- Training for the Half Marathon (yes, I'm completely relaxed after my decision).
- Closing up the membership year for the club and opening the new.
- Club's End of Year Party.

On Friday we had a 10K swim challenge.  Of course I didn't do 10K because that would have been more than tripling the max volume I've ever swam.  So I settled on 2 miles for my goal, and actually did about 2.3 miles in about 1:40. That included a quick break to drink a bottle of G2 at just past the halfway point.

I cam out of the water and I can't remember ever being so hungry after a workout!  Thank goo…

Asics Core RunTop

So remember the other day when I found that I could buy my favorite UA shirts?  Well, that same day on the rack I found an "Asics Core RunTop"  It was on a good sale, so I bought it.  First, the good.  The top fits nicely.  It's semi-fitted, not too snug; fits much like the UA shirt. It's also a lovely color! 

Generally fit is my problem!   But not today.  :(

I wore the shirt during the Houston Half Marathon and Relay last weekend.  I broke my rule, "Nothing new on race day."  Sure enough I was penalized for my decision.  By the end of the race I had a nice chafe burn under my arm.  Nothing like what the wetsuit zipper caused me at Redman, but a burn still.  I have never had any regular apparel do that to me before.

Now, keep in mind I have a bit of loose skin under my arm... more than your average person for sure, so that could be a contributing factor, However I what I didn't notice before purchasing was the seam on the armpit.

YMMV if you have thin …