Asics Core RunTop

So remember the other day when I found that I could buy my favorite UA shirts?  Well, that same day on the rack I found an "Asics Core RunTop"  It was on a good sale, so I bought it.  First, the good.  The top fits nicely.  It's semi-fitted, not too snug; fits much like the UA shirt. It's also a lovely color! 

Generally fit is my problem!   But not today.  :(

I wore the shirt during the Houston Half Marathon and Relay last weekend.  I broke my rule, "Nothing new on race day."  Sure enough I was penalized for my decision.  By the end of the race I had a nice chafe burn under my arm.  Nothing like what the wetsuit zipper caused me at Redman, but a burn still.  I have never had any regular apparel do that to me before.

Now, keep in mind I have a bit of loose skin under my arm... more than your average person for sure, so that could be a contributing factor, However I what I didn't notice before purchasing was the seam on the armpit.

YMMV if you have thin arms, but if they're at all chunky, make sure you try the shirt on first!

If you're like me, I have a hard time finding technical swimwear that really is functional and supportive of my girls.  I'm really happy that a couple others, like TYR, are, but non of them offer SUPPPORT.  It's like they made the overall suit bigger, but didn't take into account that some of us... have, ummm, "girls."

For a while I've been wanting to try one of Junonia's swimsuit, however I just couldn't bring myself to pay for it when I have no precedence to go by, so I'm going into this unknown.  Finally I had reason to cave... I'm tired of my boobs being nearly to my waist and the chlorine, after a year, has pretty much eaten-'til-thin, my Speedo.  I'm also tired of technical swimsuits that show cleavage... I mean, really?!?  Cleavage during swim practice?  This swimsuit has a higher neckline than any others I've tried/seen. 

I tried to encourage Junonia to let me "test" one... but for some reason they didn't wanna.  Could be that they really are a business. :)  It's okay Junonia... no hard feelings, but you can't knock a girl for trying!

So if you are a size 14 or up, forthcoming is a review to come on Junonia's AquaSport Crossback Tank Swimsuit.


  1. As someone who hauls some girls, I wear my underwire running bra under my swimsuit. I don't do that if I'm just lolling around the pool, but I do if I'm going for a workout.

    Why can't the swimsuit manufacturers make an underwire swimsuit?


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