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Back to journaling... I'm blowing my Sodium (Na) intake out of the water, without even realizing it.  For me, this makes a difference with water retention.  This is an ongoing problem if you're one who is hormonally challenged like me.  When I see I've blown my Na intake for the day it's surprising, because I think I eat well.  I rarely add table salt to the foods I eat in general (like what you see here).  When I cook from scratch (and I mean more than making a salad) of course I use it... I don't think I go overboard... unless it's an accident.  LOL

I was surprised to learn how much sodium is in cheeses!  I knew deli meat was bad, but even low sodium deli meat has a ton.  Since we can't avoid everything, we just have to make daily choices.

I would be curious to know where my food stacks up on the new Weight Watchers plan.  I've heard a ton about it.  Personally I had a lot of success on Weight Watchers years ago.  I think it's a great way to change your lifestyle and how you think about the quality of food you eat.

I didn't get my run in last night.  When I got home I learned my Mom had dislocated her hip and that kind of took all the wind out of my sail.  I wanted to stay home and wait for more info. The troubled hip was the same she had replaced a few years ago!  Poor thing was in soooooo much pain overnight, despite the Morphine, because couldn't get it relocated in the ER, so she had to wait until this morning.  Thankfully they got it in place without surgery.  She's going to feel a lot better, but will definitely need some rehab, for sure. 

Rearranged my weekly schedule; I won't miss anything. Plan to run tonight though and get that darned fartlek done! 


  1. In the past, I've heard that athletes don't have to worry about salt since we sweat it out. But my coach told me recently that by eating a lot of salt, your body gets used to "throwing salt out" quickly and that it actually can effect performance come race day. She said since your body is used to getting rid of salt quickly, you lose salt quicker than not and can be more susceptible to cramps and decreased performance.

  2. Vic, would you happen to be talking about Gaye? She does my nutrition too :)

  3. Hope your Mom is feeling better. :(

    I love to see what other people are eating. I don't add salt to my food when I'm eating or cooking, I need to pay attention to the sodium content of everything else though, too!


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