Been Bizzy and What Happened with my 25k Effort

I've been around...reading and noting but not blogging much. Really no big excuses... just busy at both home and work... and of course training.

Running has been showing signs of improvement, especially...

Oooops, hold that thought.  I'm being attacked by a Strawberry Shortcake ghost. :)
.......................................................................................................................  Okay, back.

So my Luke's Locker Half Marathon pretty much sucked a$$ in a big way.  I was bummed because it was the first time somebody's rules dictated my final outcome -- I should rephrase:  I DNF'd because I didn't make the cutoff rule and yeah, I'm responsible. :-/

The couple weeks following I had exoereienced some of of the best running I've ever done.  Maybe it was a birthday wish answered... oh, wait, that wish was my iPad! :)  even my trackwork was improving and I was turning in PR's.  I'd also changed my run intervals to half mile walk with a 1 minute run. Then coach upped them to 3/4 mile run and a 1 minute walk!

Today was the Classical 25K  It's a warm-up race for Houston, and even though I'm not running a full marathon anymore, I had already registered for it, so I went.  So I went into it treating it like a Long Run.  I decided if I hit the 10 mile mark by 2:15, I would finish the last loop, otherwise, I would just call it a day.

I wound up calling it a day at 5.2 miles.  No finisher's shirt, and apparently no food, unless you did a minimum of 2 laps.  Seriously.... that's what I was told.

I had been sick since Friday night and was vomiting last night.  I hadn't slept much in two nights and it took it's toll on me.  My heart rate just went down from where I started.... I couldn't get it up by the 4 mile mark I decided I will live to run another day.  I'd rather have productive training this week, than struggle through 2 loops of a race I really don't need to do.  So I let it go, and didn't feel badly about it.

I went to see Doc W. this week, follow-up on my blood work, and he is prescribing B-12 injection therapy  My numbers are trending up,but not fast enough. He thinks that boosting my B12 will help me store the nutrients I'm lacking better (I think... that's how I heard it).  

As for Doc B. (my Endo) I told him I've had several more episodes of feeling like I am letting down and he says that my thyroid might have slowed a little with all the training.  I;m so incredibly frustrated at this point.  I don't even want to go into it.   Basically I need to be patient.

Ugh... I ran this morning, now I'm tired...I think I'm going to abruptly close this post and go rest. :(


  1. Glad you posted!
    I feel your thyroid frustration! I'm there with ya!

    I accidently deleted my blog with the hit of a button- it's still has the same url though


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