Fab Find! New Balance Control Capri 2.0

I've been in the market for running tights/capris with the cooler weather approaching.  I found the New Balance Control Capri 2.0 at one of my favorite sites, Two Roads Fitness, and was excited that they offered them in an XXL.

I went for an almost 9 mile run today and they were very comfortable. I feel the sizing is just right.  The XXL will truly fit a 16/18 comfortably, and not because they are stretched paper-thin. Tights, in general, aren't that flattering, but when I put these on, even my Husband commented how they seemed, "to hold everything in."  Good thing, since I have a lot of everything.  :)

I love the waist band - not to tight, not to lose and not completely dependent upon the using the drawstring. Truly what thrills me most is that they are not low-rise!!!  I'm so tired of low-rise running bottoms. Really?  Is it comfortable?  I can't imagine running a half marathon with my shorts right above my booty crack the entire time! 

You can't tell from the picture, but the tights are structured with support panels that wrap around your quads and calves, sort of like CW-X compression tights.  While they do offer some support, I wouldn't say they are comparable to actual compression tights; still comfy though. 

I also appreciate the ventilation material behind the knees and down the back of the calves.  This made for a super comfortable long run in 75 degree weather. Other tights generally seem to bunch up behind the knee and it gets hot and uncomfortable.  The wicking properties worked well; no complaints after and almost 9 mile run. 

I did use the media pocket in the back for my Ipod Nano, and it worked well; my device was definitely secure.  I guess I might worry though if I sweat a lot down my back that I might ruin my device.  Not sure; I'd be careful with this.

There isn't much in the way of reflective elements on these tights, which is kind of a bummer.  There's the new balance logo but nothing else, really. 

I'd rate these tights 4.5 of 5 stars, only because I wish they had more visible reflective elements on them, like towards the bottom of the legs.  I believe I paid $52-$55 for them, and compared to like items on the market, the pricing is reasonable.  If this says anything, I will probably buy a 2nd pair. 

The 2.0 is also available in a full-length tight.


  1. sounds awesome! I've got some I like, but these sound a bit better...


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