Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Thankful Healthy Blogger (Virtual) 5K

Via Twitter I stumbled across a blog, A Journey to Thin.  I loved the idea she had to motivate folks to get up and move on Thanksgiving. Not everyone is up to walking, or even running a official 5K or 10K, but that doesn't mean folks can't get up and move at their own pace -- so I really appreciate the premise.

Blogger 5K

All you have to do is run or walk a 5K on Thanksgiving.  That's just 3.1 miles, or an hour of easy-paced walking.  Heck!  You'll do more than that shopping on Black Friday!  Check the details out in her blog (click the badge), because there's also a giveaway associated with this virtual race. :)

I'm actually running a 10K for Thanksgiving and my Kiddo will get in on the action with the Kid K.

So, go on... earn that piece of pumpkin pie. :)


Mae Flowers said...

Glad to see you're participating!! Happy to find a new blog to read- too. Looking forward to following you! :)

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