Track Work

I had trackwork on my schedule for Tuesday night.  Let's just say that after my warm-up mile and 2 laps, I had to get home rather quickly to tend to some GI issues.  Blah!  It's a fact; it happens.  If you run, I dare you to say you've never been victim to a crap-attack.  :)

Anyway, I was determined to get this track workout in, as it is supposed to help us figure out a strategy and pace for my half-marathon, so I was a bit bummed things didn't workout on Tuesday.

I finally made it back to the track last night and suprised myself with a PR... or two. 

1 mile warm up
3 X 400 @ 1 min rest – 10K effort (2:55, 2:48, 2:44)
400 jog easy
2 X 1 mile fast (11:53, 12:00) <---fastest miles ever and no walking.  A PR1
400 jog easy
3 X 400 @ 1 min rest – 10K effort (2:56, 2:53:2:49)
1 mile cooldown

First, I've never run a mile non-stop at track, and rarely do I do it.  I take pre-determined walk breaks all the time.  Last night I did it twice.

Second, I've never run two miles at this pace before.  Ever. 

It's nice to see some positive.  I still hate track work, but I know it's good for me.


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