Training Update

My blogging routine has been out-of-sorts lately.  I thought after Redman was done I'd have all this time, but it seems I've managed to fill it up with other stuff.

- At work it's year-end; lots of stuff to do.
- At home there's home, family and who knew there'd be so much kindergarten stuff!
- Halloween kicks off the holiday season around here. Weekends are filling fast.
- Training for the Half Marathon (yes, I'm completely relaxed after my decision).
- Closing up the membership year for the club and opening the new.
- Club's End of Year Party.

On Friday we had a 10K swim challenge.  Of course I didn't do 10K because that would have been more than tripling the max volume I've ever swam.  So I settled on 2 miles for my goal, and actually did about 2.3 miles in about 1:40. That included a quick break to drink a bottle of G2 at just past the halfway point.

I cam out of the water and I can't remember ever being so hungry after a workout!  Thank goodness we were hitting Freebirds after!

On Saturday I was still pretty tired from the OWS, but got in my 1:30 run.  It was a good, solid run for me -- and a run that would have met the cut off in last weekend's race.

On Friday, after the swim, one of my coaches wanted to talk to me about my decision.  Much to my relief he completely agreed with me.  We all get so carried away with going longer and harder that we're always looking at the next bigger goal, in spite of there being plenty to improve on right in front of our noses.  So needless to say, I'm still completely happy with my decision to back down to the 13.1.  I just have too much respect for 26.2, to not go into knowing my best effort would adequately evolve by January.  I have so many things that need improving before I jump to it.  I will do it one day -- and maybe even next year... we'll see.


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