Turkey Day Thursday Thirteen

1)  Even though I can be completely short-sighted, I have so much to be thankful for.  I'm grateful for my family; Husband, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Stepmom, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-law, nieces... Darren's family too. Oh!  and my "tri" family too, who support and encourage me endlessly!

2)  I'm grateful I have a job and work for the most amazing people.  I truly am lucky to work for two folks who are chock-full of integrity, compassion and honesty.  Plus the job hleps to have the means to keep doing a past-time I enjoy.  Triathlon can be "spendy!"

3)  I'm grateful I have the sense to know when I'm not right and the courage to admit it. 

4)  I'm thankful for all the virtual folks I've met via my blog.  Some I've had the opportunity to meet in "real-life."  What a treat!  Know that we were all meant to cross paths for some reason. 

5)  I'm not exactly happy with the family situation this year, but I have to keep in mind not to project my feelings too much (I know already, so don't tell me!).  Disappointed Mom isn't coming for Thanksgiving and that she won't be here for all the Christmas Hooplah, either.  She's dealing with her own struggles and I realize that.  I just wish she'd be honest and forthright about the real reasons she's not coming.  It's the 2 times a year I see her, so it makes me sad. Could have used my vacation time differently if I knew....

6)  It's no secret I love to cook for folks on the holidays.  Love it!!!  I just enjoy sharing a home-cooked  meal and "breaking bread" with friends and family.  Our best friends are having us over this year for Dinner and I'm happy to go, but was a little bummed for myself.  So, instead, I'm doing a post-trukey-trot breakfast.  You can bet it will be beter than post race food!  Everyone is happy!!

7)  I am grateful for the capacity to love and care about other.  It makes my life richer.  Everyday I'm closer to making peace with myself,... and that's all I can ask for :)

8)  Boss and her Daughter just came in wearing some awesome biker boots

9)  I got the majority of Cassie's and Darren's Xmas shopping done yesterday.  I'd say what I got Darren, but I know he peaks at my blog.  ♥ you, sweetie. 

10) I'm thankful Darren is partaking of the kool-aid now.  He said to me last night, "I actually feel bad I'm not racing tomorrow.", talking about the 10k.  LOL

11)  With the holidays come lights, and trees, and shopping.... and MAD SPIN.  Up to 4 hour spin classes followed by running and swimming.  Now that's festive!

12)  I'm thankful my best-friend got approved for her WLS.  I want the best for her and want her to have the ability to live a full and amazing life, because she's an amazing person!  There is not another woman who knows me inside and out like Beth.  There is not anyone more deserving of this opportunity and I'm praying for a safe and speedy recovery. 

13) Mmmmmm Coffee.  :)

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  1. Love all these! I love cooking and baking for the holidays and up to 4 hour spin classes, sign me up. But right now, I am most thankful for coffee too! I need a cup.....Have a great Thanksgiving. I love the name of your blog and I am following you now!


  2. I like your list. :) There are tons of things to be grateful for! Thanks.

  3. Great list. Now I have a serious case of boot envy. Wonder if its too late to put a request in with Santa?
    Happy T13!

  4. #3 was monumental for me to learn.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. I'm thankful for my virtual friends too.

    My TT is here


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