Day 1! Ironman 70.3 Texas Training Starts

I said, "All I want for Christmas is my Ironman 70.3 Texas Race Entry fee."  Thanks to my bonus, my Christmas wishes came true :)  110 days away, as of today

I've been seeing Doc Thea for my groin re-injury and I think it's getting better.  At the least it's hurting in different spots, so the inflammation is trying to move it's way out.  I haven't done any track in two weeks, but I'm going to give a quick 3mi. track session a whirl tonight.   We'll see how it goes.

Day 1 of training was a swim.  Which I blew-off after getting home from the Doc last night.  I'll probably have to do it tomorrow at lunch, and that's fine.  Really though, who starts training the week of Xmas?  Ugh...

I'm considering some different options with training this time around. The changes would both be challenging but worth the payoff in the end:

- Strength training at lunch hour, 3 days a week. 
- Swimming during lunch hour.  A pain, but doable.
- Swimming in the early-morning?  Not likely, but an option.
- Trainer rides, over lunch hour.  If I can schlep it all to mad spin, I can schlep it to work.

If I can manage to keep a schedule using some of these alternatives, it should help me better balance my family life and training.  They say if you're not arguing with your spouse by the last month of training, you're not training hard enough.  I really want to avoid that scenario.   Since he is training for his first sprint, it's going to take communication and cooperation from both of us to make things work.  When we know we have to do it, we do it.  I'm not worried in the least bit.


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