A Look Back on Racing in 2010!

Houston Aramco Half Marathon - My first half-marathon!
Lucky Trails Half Marathon Relay
Gateway to the Bay Olympic Relay
Silverlake 1 mile Open Water Swim Race - First OWS race.
Lonestar Triathlon Olympic Distance
Silverlake Sprint Triathlon
Noon in June Half of a Half Marathon
Y Freedom Sprint
Bayou Duathlon (Relay)
River Cities Triathlon Sprint
Redman Triathlon 70.3 - first half-Ironman distance
Luke's Locker/Koala Half Marathon
HMSA Classical 25K
RunGirl 13.1

14 races this year!  Somehow it never seems like it's all that much when it's happening!  I don't have anything else scheduled between now and the end of the year.  My next "A" race is the USA Fit Half Marathon in January, so I am officially "done" for the year. 

So here's what I learned this year:

1)  Do your best.  Always.  However, understand that what is your best for today, may not be the same as your best on any other day.  On race day everything needs to fall in line precisely, and therefore...

2)  Train the way you want to race.  I thought it was crazy at first, but race visualization as brought a new level of comfort to race day for me. I picture everything in my head from getting up in the morning to crossing the Finish.  I picture everything the way I want it to happen.

3) Training in the heat of the Summer here sucks.  I don't care how you frame it.  Even the most motivated athletes I know had a hard time this summer.

4)  Cycling on windy days makes you stronger.  Windy race days just suck.

5)  Be confident and positive.  According to MC, "99% of triathlon is mental."  He's right.

6)  If you want to get better at swimming, find your way to the pool.  If you want to get better at riding, then bike!  If you want to improve your running, throw on your sneakers and step outside your door.  Then repeat, over and over, and over again.  It doesn't happen overnight... but it does get better.

7)  The worst races teach the biggest lessons. 

8)  Deciding to DNF isn't a terrible thing. Saving your body from struggling through a race today, will allow you a more productive training week to come.  Killing your body on a bad race day, makes for a bad week of training. 

9)  Racing smart doesn't always mean racing fast. 

10)  Don't ask anyone's opinion about "How hilly is that bike or run course."  Eveyrone's idea of what hills are is different.  Find out for yourself. If you have a training op on the actual course, take it.  It makes a difference not just physically, but mentally. 

11)  I learned about Triathlon Girl and Swimmer Guy.  They crack me up. 

12)  Relays are kinda fun.  It's a nice change to be able to go all out on 1 leg of an event.

13)  Don't think trainer rides and spin classes pay off?  Think again.  I ♥ "Mad Spin."  So excited because it starts this weekend and through the Winter!  2 hours of spin followed with a 30 minute tempo run.  :)


  1. looks like a good year! where is "mad spin"? I am hoping to be running again soon....

  2. Wow, 14 races in one year is awesome! I only did 2! You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. @silken: Mad Spin is something my tri club put together to keep us cycling over the winter. We start with 2 hours and work up to 4. Then usually run or sometimes swim. We're lucky to have access to South Shore Fitness Cetner. :)

    @liz: Thanks! I don't know where all the time. with. I laugh because you say you only did 2 -- Ummm, one of them was a pretty big one though NYC Marathon???? LOL Thanks!


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