On The Mend...

Today's b'fast.  Yum!
Been down for the count for about 2 days now with sinus crud, but am definitely on the upswing.  I actually slept from around 8pm to 4am yesterday -- I am so excited!  Trust me, it's much better than waking through the night then waking completely at 3am from sinus pressure.  I got a tip on some allergy specialists in the area, which I am going to examine this coming week, because this is just getting insane.

Since I've been down for 2 days, I'm behind on training.  Today I'm gong to get my easy run and a swim in, before I head out to my company's holiday dinner. 

Two new Food Finds!

Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread. Accidentally found this at my local Kroger's Organic food section.  I've seen dark chocolate peanut butter, but since I don't do peanuts (bad for my Thyroid), I was really glad to see the combination of chocolate with Almond butter.  I tried some on my homemade breakfast bars, and it was TDF!  Cass enjoyed some (tremendously!) with her apple.  Calories costly, but good for you.

After that I found Horizon Organics has a lowfat Eggnog!  1/2 C. is 140 calories and jut 3 grams of Fat!  Today I tried it in my coffee, to help cut down on the amount of half and half I used.  It was so good I wound up having a full 1/2 C. of it mixed in with my coffee this morning! 

If you have a minute, visit their website... it opens with kiddos trying out their food and their reactions... quite cute. :)  And no, I'm not compensated, I really just think they're cute!

So I'm back at work today and I walk in and there are boxes on my desk.  I always get deliveries of equipment so I didn't think anything of it.  I just cut right in and opened it!  Turns out that camera I wanted, but didn't really need was delivered.  I felt so bad.  I called Darren and told him.  He said, "didn't it say do not open on the box?"  Well, yeah, but I didn't read it!  Bummed that it ruined his surprise, but glad I got it.  I'm not allowed to have it until Xmas.  Thankfully there are other things on my "wish list", if he must get a surprise.  LOL

Tomorrow is a 2:15 long run.  I'm going to go back to the RunGirl course and hope I'll have a better run, now that I know where I'm going :)  My plan for the race is to run a 9:1 run/walk interval until the last 3 miles, when I'll go as hard as a can and take :10-:15 second walk breaks as needed to keep control of my HR. 

Sunday I have to make-up my track and do an hour long bike ride... then I get to go take Defensive Driving. 

That's my weekend... how about yours???

Me, Darren and Cassie
at Daren's first 10K a couple weeks ago
We don't get many pictures with all three of us!!!!


  1. I love the dark chocolate with orange, but I try with almonds.

  2. I must look for that dark chocolate almond spread- but that might be dangerous for me. I have a hard time staying out of Nutella when it's in the house!

  3. i love that almond spread! it's cheaper at HEB


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