Reverb10 - 5 minutes

December 15th
Prompt: 5 minutes. Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.

The love and support from my Husband.

Hubs hugs. :)

My Daughter's unconditional love.

All of my Dauighter's firsts in 2010.  First day of School, in particular.

Family outings and visits from family.

Beth's excitement and positive attitude about her next chapter in life.  

And, well, Beth and Elysha.  Can't forget them.

Elysha's last camping trip with us. 

The way Cassie loves celebrating everyone else's birthday

The way Cassie truly loves to give as much, if not more, than receive.

My Husbands "firsts" with running and how proud he was.

Okay, material, but getting my iPad.  I was stunned -- totally didn't expect it. :)

Camping and the beach.  The smells, the sights, the friends.

This was harder than I thought.   When I tried to think back, I immediately went to thinking about events, but there wasn't any one event I couldn't live without.  It was more about sharing the closeness with family and friends.  To me, I never want to forget I was loved and befriended, unconditionally.  I would be willing to forget about every race, every outing, every event if it meant giving up that feeling of being loved and being given the opportunity to love in return.

Next year, I would like to improve upon showing gratitude and appreciation to everyone.

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