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December 13th
Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?

It's no secret here that one day I want to do an Ironman 140.6 --  The whole shebang!  There are a ton of things that need to fall in place in the next few years to make that a reality.  And, unless I wait 10 years, until my child is more indpenedent and I'm 53, things need to start shaping up sooner than later.  I would like to thing that 2012/2013 would be realistic for a full Ironman.

MC says, "the moment you decide you want to do a full Ironman, you start training for it."  That was a year ago when I actually said, out loud, for others to hear, "I want to do an Ironman."  I know.  Crazy!  From that moment, all my training has been on my A races, but also with the idea that there is a full Ironman in my future.

There are certain things which need to happen for this to be possible and I'm working on them.  For 2011 though I'd like to make the following happen:

Improve Running.  Continue training.  Would like to be able to maintain a 12 minute pace by the end of 2011. 

Improve my 70.3 time.  Race another 70.3.  Registered for Lonestar.  My Redman time was horrible, but it serves as a baseline.  Would like a Finish at Lonestar under 7:30.

Take a step Closer to the 140.6Complete a Full Aquabike.  I plan to Register for Redman's Full Aquabike.  It's a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike.  That ought to show me something :) 

Get hormonal imbalances fixedWorking on it and possibly try a new doc.  I know it's a long haul; trying to be patient. Gotta get these right -- it will make for better training and better weight loss!  I'm entertaining the possibility of finding an Endo that works with dessicated hormone, rather than synthetic. Next step, research.

Extended Tummy Tuck.  Get a consult and see if I can qualify under insurance.  Doc says my pannus (that's the lower stomach area under the belly button) will need to be removed.  Removing those empty fat cells could conceivably change the hormonal balance in my body for the better.  I keep thinking I need to lose more before I do it, but there are other compelling reasons, right now, for me to look into it. 

I think it's a good list of things and plenty to keep me busy for 2011.

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