Reverb10 for 12/8/10

December 8 – Beautifully Different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful. (Author: Karen Walrond)

It’s hard to think about what it is that’s different about me, let a alone beautiful, when I’ve spent the greater part of my life worrying about fitting in. I really don’t want to make this a lack-of-self-esteem kind of post, because that’s generally a given.  I’m a constant work-in process… but aren’t we all?

In recent years though, it’s mattered less – the fitting in part. I’m getting older, and age brings wisdom. And maybe that’s what it takes? Maturity?? At least I hope so, because I have plenty of aging to come! I’ve realized there’s far less satisfaction with working hard to fit in, when I will never please anyone, including myself, if I’m not doing what is “true” to me. Maybe that, in it of itself, makes me a little different from the majority of folks; working to do what feels true to who I am, even when others don’t understand.

Now, this I know is true, dare I sound conceded, but I seemingly have an ability to support and empathize with others facing challenges. I think it’s because I’ve been through the school of hard knocks (to deeper degrees than I share on this blog), but what makes me different is that my “schooling” has never been an excuse to allow me to settle for not doing whatever it was I wanted to do. Sure, it might be slow-going and there might be a crap load of obstacles, but in my mind nothing is insurmountable, and that’s what you have to believe. I really try to share this life lesson with friends… they’ll probably tell you I do so, every chance I get. LOL

Lastly, It doesn’t take much effort to be positive, but it takes quite a bit to turn the negative or neutral into a positive and draw-out every ounce of value in a lesson to be learned. It’s challenging to accept that although things may not have turned out as you planned or hoped, they are how they are for a reason. I don’t always learn the lesson the first time, but eventually it becomes truth in my mind. At times I’m slow on the uptake and make mistakes occasionally, but the difference in me is that I am aware and consciously make the effort to find the meaningful positive in everything.

So how am I beautifully different? How do I “light” people up?

I’m still not really sure how to answer those questions. What I do know is, each day I’ve taken conscious steps, to make me a better me than I was the day before – even if it meant just really being present. It’s taking persistence and tenacity and showing strength by digging deep and staying with what is true for me. The love and support I’ve shown friends is reciprocal and I hope I was able to bring about positives to their challenges and maybe, just maybe, gave them teensy-weensy bit courage to do what is true for them.  I am honored to be such an intimate part of their lives.


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