Reverb10 - New Name

December 23rd
Prompt: New name. Let's meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

In my mind, the name doesn't make the person.  There are many people who I'd like to be for a day... just to see what it feels like in their shoes.  I realize it's not the purpose of this Reverb10, but it's what immediately comes to mind.... and anything that makes you think about what it's like to be in another's shoes is a lesson in it of itself.

There are so many, but here are 10 folks I'd like to be for a day, and why....

1)  President Obama, to understand pressure, challenge, tenacity
2)  A spiritual leader, to know really know/understand what peace feels like.
3)  My Boss, to know what it's like to truly appreciate and share abundance.
4)  Okay, Oprah (or one of her "friends"), to know what it's like to have her resources at hand.
5)  Ellen DeGeneres, to know her joy.
6)  My Mom, to understand her better
7)  A Singer/Songwriter, to know what it's like to move people with your music (I know you thought it was to know what leather pants feel like).
8)  An inventor/scientist/philosopher, to know what it's like to come up with an amazing idea that does great things for the world or makes positive change!
9) Okay, Chrissie Wellington, to know what it feels like to be a kick-ass triathlete. :)
10)  A Soldier in the WWII troops who liberated concentration camps and Ghettos, to have a front-row seat to see people free and through them, really appreciate what being free really means.

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