#Reverb10 What's Rocked Your Socks Off?

December 9th
What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

The best party for me in 2010?  I really want to be able to say it was my Daughter's 6th birthday, but that would be a lie.  Everyone knows that for a Mom execution of a birthday party for your kid isn't always that joyous -- it's a worth while ton of work!  Hey, I'm not super-Mom.  I'm just keeping it real!

So... the best party... best party... let me see.

Okay, it was in the last year, but it wasn't in 2010.  It was our '09 Annual Holiday "Drive-by".  It's kind of a come-and-go as you please kind of thing.  The kind of thing you can literally just swing by and enjoy a quick eat and drink, and be on your way to finish your holiday tasks at hand.

One funny thing was that Mom was in town and some of my real "country" friends were enamored by her accent -- and she by theirs.  They had spent some time in New York, so they loved chatting about the city with my Mom.  T is a cowboy with a capital "C", Mom just thought he was the best.  It was both enjoyable and laughable seeing these two worlds socialize. :)

The food was awesome.  I don't remember what I made, but I know it was damned good.  Mom was visiting and she helped.  So between her and Paula Deen, there was no way for a party food fail.  What I especially remember, and this could completely fall under "shenanigans", was the homemade egg nog.  I never made it before, so it was an experience.  The egg nog was good by itself, but later after most of the guests left, we added some "spirit" in the way of Kaluah, and it was fantabulous!

Ironically enough, for a party labeled as a "drive-by", that would imply that people would come... then go.  But not this party!  Everyone had such a great time  we had a full house for several hours. It was such a treat to have a house so full of cheer.

There's something about sharing my home, food, drink and fun with friends and family I completely adore.  It's not about the actual entertaining for me though -- it's about doing something for my friends and family.  Something special for them that I have to put effort into; that whole actions speak louder than words.

For the coming year I'd really like to continue to honor the friends/family in my life, but maybe a little more often, maybe not just in a formal way.  At some point, completely for no reason whatsoever, do something nice for them... simply because they crossed my mind.


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