'Tis the Season

79 year old women being mugged in church parking lots.

In home Healthcare givers stealing $32k from 91 year olds they are caring for.

Babies being left on doorstep -- 2nd in the last few weeks.

It's all so horrible, and my thoughts are with those who survive these kinds of things and I pray that those violators will somehow be able to live with themselves and what they've done.  Chances are the latter won't matter much.  I just hate reading these kinds of things.  Although it makes me grateful for the blessings I do have and reminds me of how important it is to give back in some way.

Complete subject change..

Mom is home.  In fact she was on her way home around 11am yesterday.  They had to paralyze her from the waist down, but they were able to get the hip back in place without surgery, thank God!  Since Mom is a dancer, you could say her hips are super important.  Kind of ironic how it happened, since she was just casually bending over.  Yet all the kicking, dancing and splits has never knocked it out of place since her replacement.  Yeah, this hip that dislocated was a titanium replacement.  Soooo painful for her, even with Morphine! She said once they got it back in place, no more pain.  Just like that!

I started to feel like kah-kah yesterday and just quickly went downhill.  Would have been very easy for me to blow off my Fartlek, because I really felt that bad.  At first I thought maybe I was catching Cassie's crud, but there's no sign of infection.  Pollen is low, but we had all sorts of rain several days ago, so maybe it's mold spores?  I have to get to an allergist one day and figure out what bothers me so much.  I woke up at 3:30 with a pounding head and congestion.  Today is one of those days I have to be at work; I can't call in "dead."

Surprisingly, my run was okay!  Even though I didn't do it exactly right.  I did get the distance and the basic idea in.  I did 1 mile at marathon pace, 1 mile at marathon pace -:30, 1 mile at marathon pace +1:30 and 1 mile at marathon pace -1:30.  I actually made all the times, except the -:30... was off by about 7 seconds.  My marathon pace -1:30 was actually way faster, under 12!  That was kind of surprising to me.  Coach wants to target 12 as my half marathon pace.  I would love to see that happen and I'm trying to trust that it will.  He said things are going in the right direction, so I'll just keep working.


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